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How to maintain your wheelchair

How To Maintain Your Wheelchair With Help From Across The Globe

By Russell Simpkins / May 26, 2022

Wheelchair safety is a concern for all users of these great mobility solutions. No matter your reason for using a wheelchair or how often you use it, it is imperative that you keep it in excellent condition. This is necessary for people all over the world. No matter where you reside, wheelchairs are commonly used…

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Assisting seniors happily aging in place

4 Steps To Assisting Seniors With Happily Aging In Place

By Russell Simpkins / March 23, 2022

Who doesn’t love the idea of coming home after a long day and resting comfortably? For the most part, we often use the word “home” to describe the place where we feel the most comfortable. Our homes are the places where we live, eat, sleep and enjoy time with family. These are things most of…

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Offering care to the elderly

Friendly Reminders About Offering Care to the Elderly

By Russell Simpkins / March 8, 2022

It isn’t easy to be a caregiver to an elderly person. It takes a special individual to devote his/her time and energy to the well-being of a loved one. Of course, most caregivers would simply refer to their responsibilities as something they “have to do”. They don’t even think about it. That makes them awesome…

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4 wonderful health benefits of bathing for seniors

4 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Bathing For Seniors

By Russell Simpkins / February 11, 2022

Sensibly, most of us associate bathing with our need to look and feel clean. It goes without saying that it feels good to exit a warm shower or bath, knowing that we are at our absolute freshest. However, there are many benefits to bathing that far exceed how great we smell once we’re finished. Bathing…

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Resolving happy healthy new year

Resolving to Have a Happy and Healthy New Year

By Russell Simpkins / January 7, 2022

On behalf of everyone at Forward Day, we hope you had an absolutely wonderful holiday season! No matter how you chose to celebrate (and even if you didn’t celebrate), we sincerely hope you were able to take advantage of the holiday by making new fond memories with the ones you love. Our team would also…

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Caring for older adults with confidence

Caring For Older Adults With Confidence

By Russell Simpkins / November 11, 2021

As we all know, the older we get, the greater our physical limitations. As well, seniors often contend with mental and emotional issues that exacerbate fatigue and stress. So what can you do to ease both the physical and emotional hardships your elderly loved one endures as a caregiver? Needless to say, caring for older…

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How to help your elderly loved one enjoy halloween

How To Help Your Elderly Loved One Enjoy Halloween

By Russell Simpkins / October 13, 2021

Halloween is on the way! As the end of the month draws closer, the excitement surrounding the annual haunt-fest grows. People of all ages enjoy dressing up in spooky costumes, dispensing (and receiving) candy, and partying with friends. Don’t assume that seniors don’t enjoy the festivities. While you’re not bound to see any older adults…

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Turning autumn season fun for older adults

Turning The Autumn Season Into A Fun One For Older Adults

By Russell Simpkins / September 2, 2021

September is here. We all know that that means. For all intents and purposes, the summer has come to a close. Here in California, “mild” would be the best way to describe autumn on its worst days. However, just because we don’t get as many cold days as our northern counterparts, the season does feel…

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Introducing new activities to your elderly loved ones

Introducing Your Elderly Loved Ones To New Activities

By Russell Simpkins / August 18, 2021

If you’re the caregiver of an older adult, you undoubtedly know of the many hurdles that seniors face. For many, it’s their mobility issues. Difficulty in performing what most of us view as simple, everyday tasks can be quite frustrating. For many other older folks, feelings of isolation and loneliness prevent them from enjoying fulfilling…

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