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About the Shower

Shower Bay is a safe and portable shower designed for wheelchair users. It provides a true shower experience without dangerous wet-environment transfers or expensive home renovations. Shower Bay’s unique design allows for quick assembly in any room of the home. Just snap the unit together, connect to a standard faucet, turn on the pump, and you’re ready to enjoy a relaxing shower.

A daily shower should be enjoyed, not dreaded. The warm, gentle massage of water running through our hair and down our back is one of the best parts of our day. Most of us take this rejuvenating sensation for granted, but many people with mobility limitations miss their shower time because it’s too dangerous and time-consuming for a family member or caregiver to assist them.


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Why Choose Shower Bay

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    Home Owners: Those wanting to avoid a costly and time-consuming bathroom remodel.

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    Aging in Place: Families seeking to avoid the high cost of assisted living facilities and keep their loved ones at home.

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    Temporary Living Situations: Families that have a loved one with mobility limitations temporarily stay at their home.

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    Residential Moves: Users planning to change residences will benefit from the one-time investment in a portable shower.

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    Renters: Those who generally cannot modify or remodel their apartment or home.

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    First Floor Living Restrictions: Homes with only a half-bath available on the first floor.

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    Injury Rehab Patients: Individuals with the need for a mobile bathing solution during the rehabilitation process.

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    Equipment Rental Market: Those looking to rent the shower for time or cost reasons.

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Safety First

Easy ramp access allows for a safe and smooth transition into the shower with a shower wheelchair. Both the user and caregiver will gain peace of mind knowing that they will never have to do a scary wet-transfer over a tub ever tub ever again.

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