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The Importance Of Maintaining 300 - Santa Cruz CA

The Importance Of Maintaining Privacy For Seniors

By Russell Simpkins / August 24, 2017

Seniors who require the help of caregivers are placed in a unique life situation. You have to consider the fact that they’ve lived many years being independent – fully capable of clothing, feeding and bathing themselves. When older people get to times in their lives when they can no longer be as independent as they…

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Portable Indoor Showers Safest Solutions for Seniors - Santa Cruz, CA

What Makes Portable Indoor Showers the Safest Solutions for Seniors?

By Russell Simpkins / May 4, 2017

The fear of falling and slipping is a major concern for seniors. Naturally, with advanced age comes a decrease in both strength and balance. Not only does this make us all more susceptible to trips and stumbles in our later years, but our risk of serious injury significantly increases as well. Statistics show that not…

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3 Elements Of A Shower That Make It Ideal For Handicapped Users-Santa Cruz, CA

3 Elements Of A Shower That Make It Ideal For Handicapped Users

By Russell Simpkins / April 17, 2017

Individuals with mobility issues face difficult circumstances on a daily basis. What most of us take for granted, those with disabilities see as challenges. The very act of safely moving around the home can be an uphill battle. This is especially true for those who require the use of wheelchairs to get around. And needless…

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cause of Injuries for the Elder

Stats Show Bathroom Slips And Falls Are Top Causes Of Injuries For The Elderly

By Russell Simpkins / April 4, 2017

We all use the bathroom every day. It’s the place where we all freshen up and get ready for our days each morning. The commonplace and often mundane acts of brushing our teeth, washing our faces, and combing our hair all take place in the bathroom. Of course, showering is another bathroom activity that we…

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Minimizing Bathroom Hazards for Our Elderly Loved Ones - Santa Cruz CA

Minimizing Bathroom Hazards for Our Elderly Loved Ones

By Russell Simpkins / March 20, 2017

It won’t be a surprise to you to learn that, as we get older, we become more prone to injury. Naturally, with either the loss or diminishing of our motor skills, strength, balance and mobility, we become more susceptible to slips and falls. And of course, the older we get, the more hazardous to our…

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Difficulties of Getting an Adult Parent to Shower Frequently - Santa Cruz CA

Difficulties of Getting an Adult Parent to Shower Frequently

By Russell Simpkins / March 7, 2017

Are You Having Issues Getting Your Elderly Loved One to Bathe on a Daily Basis? If so, you’re not alone. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that many elderly people resist the need to take baths or showers on a daily basis. And there are many reasons for this. On, Carol Bradley Bursack…

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Stroke Victim Bathroom Safety First - Santa Cruz CA

How to Ensure a Stroke Victim’s Safety in the Bathroom

By Russell Simpkins / February 24, 2017

For a person with a mobility issue, a bathroom can be a very dangerous place. Due to its often slippery and wet surfaces, bathrooms present hazards that are far more difficult for a person with a disability to avoid. This is especially true for stroke victims. Unfortunately, the once-easy task of getting in and out…

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3 Important Tips For Caregivers Of Stroke Victims - Santa Cruz CA

3 Important Tips for Caregivers of Stroke Victims

By Russell Simpkins / February 9, 2017

Stroke survivors are incredibly strong people. They live daily with debilitating limitations that present them with difficulties in completing tasks that were once considered easy. Naturally, stroke survivors often depend on the assistance of loved ones once they’ve returned home from the medical centers and rehab facilities where they were receiving care immediately after suffering…

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What Are the Safest Bathing Options for Stroke Victims - Santa Cruz CA

What Are the Safest Bathing Options for Stroke Victims?

By Russell Simpkins / January 26, 2017

As many stroke victims have already learned, a stroke can occur out of nowhere and without any warning. The debilitating results of a stroke, however, can have long-lasting effects that significantly change the lives of sufferers. Because a stroke involves a prevention of blood flow to the brain, the effects can be far-reaching throughout the…

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Cost of Assisted Living vs Staying at Home

By Russell Simpkins / November 9, 2016

A recent article by Consumer Reports outlined the average cost of assisted living in the USA is $3,600/month. It details that pricing varies by state/facility and in some areas is up to $6,000/month and over $11,000/month for nursing home care. With these high prices it is no wonder why both seniors and their adult children…

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