Shower Bay

Portable Wheelchair Shower
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Shower wheel chair - santa cruz ca

Shower Wheelchair


Weight Capacity:
  • 250 lb.
Width Between handles:
  • 18 1/4”
Overall Dimensions
  • 22 1/2″w x 25″d x 36″h
Seat Dimensions:
  • 15 1/2″ x 15 1/2″
Seat Height Adjustment:
  • 19’

Barrier free shower santa cruz ca

Safety First

Easy ramp access allows for a safe and smooth transition into the shower with a shower wheelchair. Both the user and caregiver will gain peace of mind knowing that they will never have to do a scary wet-transfer over a tub ever tub ever again.

Frequently Asked Questions

A roll in shower is a shower that you can roll completely into with a shower wheelchair. There is zero barrier to allow to easily roll in.

Roll in shower means it is a shower that you can roll in with a shower wheelchair.

It depends on if you remodel or get a portable roll in shower. A remodel roll in shower is generally $10,00+ and portable showers range from $800-$8,000.

You can remodel an existing shower by tiling the area or you can purchase an insert. Or you can assemble a portable shower anywhere in the home.

They roll completely inside the shower in a shower wheelchair. The entrance has to be designed to be barier free

It depends on the wheelchair and the patient