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What is a roll in shower

What Is a Roll-In Shower?

By Russell Simpkins / February 27, 2023

Caregivers, occupational therapists, and family members know the frustration experienced by those indefinitely dependent upon a wheelchair, especially when it comes to bathing. Roll-In Showers to the Rescue A roll-in shower is exactly what the name implies–a shower specifically designed to accommodate a bather in a shower-wheelchair. Just roll in, sit in safety, and enjoy…

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Shower wheelchair

3 Important Ingredients Of A High-Quality Shower Wheelchair

By Russell Simpkins / March 12, 2019

Mobility issues should never impede a person from carrying out his/her regular daily routines. At Forward Day, we’re especially mindful of the importance of regular bathing and sympathize with those who may find it more difficult than the rest of us. Our Shower Bay portable showers are designed with wheelchair users in mind. In most…

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Make showering safer for seniors

4 Ways To Make Showering Safer For Seniors

By Russell Simpkins / February 26, 2019

As is widely known, slips and falls count for a great deal of hospitalizations among seniors in the United States. Naturally, it’s important for homes where seniors live to be safeguarded in order to protect them from injuries as best as possible. This is especially important in the bathroom, which is notorious for its slippery…

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How walk-in tubs may leave you out in the cold

How Walk-In Tubs May Leave You Out In The Cold

By Russell Simpkins / February 12, 2019

For caregivers of elderly people and those with mobility issues, the need to come up with safety solutions is a constant one. And, it should probably go without saying that maintaining safety in the bathroom is of paramount importance. In past blogs, we’ve regularly highlighted the importance of bathroom safety considering how slippery the surfaces…

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Assisting seniors with their goals

Assisting Seniors With Their 2019 Goals

By Russell Simpkins / January 29, 2019

You are never too old to set new goals. And making New Year’s Resolutions is certainly not an activity exclusive to young people. With 2019 now in full swing, it’s the ideal time for seniors to set some things in motion for a happier, healthier and more prosperous new year. As you are surely aware,…

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Practicing wheelchair safety

Practicing Wheelchair Safety: It’s A Must!

By Russell Simpkins / May 15, 2018

There is no question that wheelchairs provide individuals with mobility issues much safer modes of transportation than walking. When unstable on your feet, the risk of slipping and falling is great. And, unfortunately, far too many slips and falls lead to major injuries that require hospitalizations. However, it’s important to note that just because one…

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Comfortable for seniors

The Importance of Making It Comfortable For Seniors To Live At Home

By Russell Simpkins / April 18, 2018

Most elderly individuals would much prefer to age in place (another way of saying “live at home”) than at assisted living facilities. The first and most obvious reason is that it allows them to be around their families. Who wouldn’t prefer to wake up every day to their children and grandchildren rather than a constantly…

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Finding ways to promote greater safety for seniors in the bathroom

Finding Ways To Promote Greater Safety For Seniors In The Bathroom

By Russell Simpkins / April 3, 2018

The bathroom gets a bad rap. But it’s hard to blame those of us who point it out as the most dangerous room in the household. Bathrooms are known for their slippery surfaces. Add the much-required presence of water and you have rooms that are practically designed to make people slip and fall. This is…

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3 major benefits of going with shower bay

3 Major Benefits Of Going With Shower Bay

By Russell Simpkins / April 2, 2018

At Forward Day, we’re extremely proud of the fact that our unique Shower Bay portable showers provide wheelchairs users with both thorough showers with running water and newly-found boosts in their confidence. Independence is highly cherished by those who have mobility issues. And because Shower Bay can be snapped together in any room of the…

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