Introducing Your Elderly Loved Ones To New Activities

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Introducing new activities to your elderly loved ones

If you’re the caregiver of an older adult, you undoubtedly know of the many hurdles that seniors face. For many, it’s their mobility issues. Difficulty in performing what most of us view as simple, everyday tasks can be quite frustrating. For many other older folks, feelings of isolation and loneliness prevent them from enjoying fulfilling lives.

By introducing your elderly loved ones to new activities, you increase the possibility of tackling both of the abovementioned issues. Does your aging parent believe he/she can’t engage in activities because of a mobility issue? Is he/she hesitant to even try new things because of depression? Let’s see if we can work around that, shall we?

Show How to Use Today’s Technology

Show elderly loved ones new technology

Can your elderly loved one log on to the internet independently? Is he/she capable of sending and receiving emails with ease? Does your elderly loved one ever initiate FaceTime phone calls? If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s an excellent idea to begin teaching. According to Miami’s Papa Blog, it’s important to take things slow and stop frequently to answer questions.

“Step away from the keyboard or mobile device at times and let them complete the steps themselves so that they learn,” advises the blog, “The more engaged they are, the more they will absorb. You may need to repeat concepts or steps multiple times until your adult student gets the hang of using their favorite app or website. Tell them that’s okay.”

Teach them New Games

Senior playing new games

Who says that only children like to play? In fact, the older you get, the more you could use a little fun and enjoyment. Therefore, teach your elderly loved one some new games he/she may never have played before. Not only will the enjoyment of these new challenges stimulate his/her mind, they will foster a happier overall lifestyle. Chad Fincher of Optimal Home Care encourages younger people to engage with their older loved ones in fun activities.

“By spending time with the younger generation, seniors can re-learn how to enjoy themselves and make the most of every moment,” he writes, “There’s no need to take everything so seriously, and it’s okay to relax and play every now and then.”

Begin Exercising

Seniors begin exercising

Many seniors are under the impression that they simply can’t perform any exercises. This is in spite of the fact that light exercise is recommended for all older adults. Note the word “light” in the previous sentence. No one is suggesting that a senior lift any heavyweights. However, with a daily walk, for example, a senior can both improve his/her health and enjoy a new routine. notes that even seniors with mobility issues can find ways to exercise.

“Even if your older adult isn’t very mobile, there may still be exercises they can do to get their bodies moving,” informs the website, “Whether they’re sitting or standing, they can still get the health and mood benefits, especially from seated exercises or chair yoga routines. There are also exercise routines that can be done using a walker for stability or just focused on the feet and ankles to reduce swelling.”

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