Shower Bay is a shower and does not fill up like a bath.

It is recommended to measure out and sketch Shower Bay’s dimensions on butcher paper to see if the unit will be able to fit in a desired location of the home. (See dimension diagrams below.)

Shower Bay as a unit weighs 118 lbs, but no individual piece weighs more than 31 lbs. It was also engineered with multiple grip areas that make handling parts easy.

Shower Bay may be used in a bathroom, but it was designed to also work in any room of the house. We understand that most bathrooms are not large enough for adequate wheelchair mobility, not to mention an additional shower. In most cases Shower Bay is set up in the corner of a bedroom, living room, or spare area of the home.

Shower Bay’s unique quick-connect system easily snaps onto most standard home faucets. The water travels from the faucet through an in-hose to the Shower Bay unit.

Shower Bay’s base is slightly angled like a normal shower. The water travels to a drain where the water is then pumped through the out-hose to a nearby sink or shower drain.

Shower Bay’s quick-connect system attaches to most standard home faucets. If you are unsure if it will work with yours, please contact Forward Day about test options.

Shower Bay was designed with a caregiver in mind. The walls are tall enough to contain the water and ensure privacy, but also low enough so that a caregiver can assist in the bathing process if needed.

Shower Bay can be used as a walk-in Shower for use with a shower chair. Without the ramp, the Shower Bay has a low threshold entry of 2.5-inches.

Shower Bay can be cleaned with most standard shower cleaning agents.

Shower Bay comes with standard 35 foot in- and out-hoses. Custom longer hoses can be ordered at an additional cost.

Shower Bay was designed to accommodate most standard-size shower wheelchairs. It has interior dimensions of 38.5” L x 36” W. Keep in mind, when entering the shower with a wheelchair, the door clearance allows for a 25″ width.

Shower Bay Return Policy

Return Policy

Items may be returnable for a refund, exchange or credit as long as they are returned within 15 days of receipt, are unused and are in their original and undamaged packaging. Non-defective returns will be subject to restocking fee of 20%, plus shipping. No returns are accepted after 15 days.

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Warranty Support

Items may be returned for refund, replacement or repair, subject to Forward Day LLC restrictions. All product returns must have a Return Merchandise Authorization [RMA] number issued by Forward Day LLC. Contact Forward Day LLC for a RMA number.

You must obtain a Return Authorization Number to return an item. All merchandise returns are subject to inspection. All merchandise returns not suitable for resale will not be accepted.

Many product problems can be resolved with technical assistance from the distributor from whom you purchased your unit. Please refer technical support questions to the distributor. If you receive an unsatisfactory response from the distributor, please contact Forward Day LLC.

Should your item require warranty service or is missing parts, please refer to the warranty information enclosed with your purchase.

To Rent? Shower Bay rentals are only available in limited areas where a dealer has a rental program. Pricing depends on individual dealer. On average $400/month with $75 delivery and pick up charges.

A roll in shower is a shower that you can roll completely into with a shower wheelchair. There is zero barrier to allow to easily roll in.

Roll in shower means it is a shower that you can roll in with a shower wheelchair.

It depends on if you remodel or get a portable roll in shower. A remodel roll in shower is generally $10,00+ and portable showers range from $800-$8,000.

You can remodel an existing shower by tiling the area or you can purchase an insert. Or you can assemble a portable shower anywhere in the home.

Barrier free describes a shower with no threshold affecting the entry. It is a flat entrance with no bump or lip that blocks the entrance.

You can tile a flat surface or you can purchase a portable shower wheelchair.

A barrier free shower allows for someone with mobility limitations to easily walk in or roll in with a shower wheelchair.

The person can get a portable shower for wheelchair users. It does not require a remodel. It can be assembled in any room of the home.

They roll completely inside the shower in a shower wheelchair. The entrance has to be designed to be barier free

It depends on the wheelchair and the patient

A handicapped shower needs to be big enough for the intended shower wheelchair

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