Turning The Autumn Season Into A Fun One For Older Adults

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Turning autumn season fun for older adults

September is here. We all know that that means. For all intents and purposes, the summer has come to a close. Here in California, “mild” would be the best way to describe autumn on its worst days. However, just because we don’t get as many cold days as our northern counterparts, the season does feel a bit different than its hotter predecessor, doesn’t it?

What does the autumn mean for the older adults in your life? Do you have concerns about how to keep them active in the fall? How can you turn the autumn season into a fun one for them?

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Visit pumpkin patch

Sure, this suggestion is a little on the obvious side. In what other season would you visit a pumpkin patch? There’s no need to wait for Halloween to take in the fun and excitement that can be had when visiting a pumpkin patch with the kids. The older adult in your life will enjoy the time with his/her grandchildren. It’s important, of course, to always consider the feelings of loneliness older adults have when they are left out of family fun.

“If you have grandchildren, this is the time of year you’ll be seeing more of them than ever,” Landmark Senior Living reminds us, “Visiting a pumpkin patch is a great way to get involved in the Halloween spirit. The fun needn’t stop once you’ve grabbed your pumpkins either…Regular pumpkin carving is a great way to get started. Spend some quality time with your grandkids as they have fun getting messy and telling you their Halloween plans.”

Do Some Gardening

Seniors gardening

As mentioned, the fall provides us with ample days of mild temperatures. With that said, gardening is a great activity that can be enjoyed during the season. Because of its light and relaxing nature, gardening is an activity seniors can enjoy all throughout autumn. It will provide them will light exercise, fresh air and responsibility.

“If you and your parents both enjoy gardening, a nice way to stay connected is to share a few plantings where you can,” notes Senior Homecare by Angels, “Even if you don’t live in the same city, you can both plant or share bulbs in the fall to be enjoyed come spring. Anticipation of good things can make the winter feel shorter – and that’s a good thing!”

Get Into The Halloween Spirit

Get into the halloween spirit

Yes, it may be a little early to start thinking about Halloween. But it’s never a bad time to have fun at home! Do you have young children who are just chomping at the bit to begin chomping on some candy? Perhaps, starting up some arts and crafts activities with their grandparents is in order. The Arbor Company offers a few great ideas about how to engage seniors in some Halloween fun.

“Plan a family ghost story night,” suggests their website, “Turn down the lights and ask each member to share their creepiest, scariest tales…Bundle up for a family scary movie night. Break out the apple cider, make some caramel apples, and enjoy being delightfully scared together.”

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