4 Steps To Assisting Seniors With Happily Aging In Place

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Assisting seniors happily aging in place

Who doesn’t love the idea of coming home after a long day and resting comfortably? For the most part, we often use the word “home” to describe the place where we feel the most comfortable. Our homes are the places where we live, eat, sleep and enjoy time with family. These are things most of us take for granted. The elderly, however, often contend with the fear that their growing needs will require them to live in long-term care facilities.

Naturally, most would rather age in place for the rest of their days. Here are four steps to assisting seniors with happily aging in place:

Be Sure to Prioritize Your Health

Prioritize good health

First things first, you have to take care of the elderly. There is no way that you will be able to provide adequate care to your elderly loved one if you are not in good physical and mental health yourself. Be okay with taking time for yourself. Rest, relax and recharge whenever necessary. Eat nutritious foods and get in your daily exercise. Maximizing your own health is arguably the best way to help the senior in your life live happily while aging in place.

Keeping yourself in good physical shape is crucial in helping you remain independent at home for as long as possible,” says Seniors At Home, “Maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and minimized stress can help you ward off serious health conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, dementia, and depression.”

Set Up a Support Network

Caregiver support network

It is never a bad thing to ask for a helping hand. Many caregivers feel that they have to go it alone when caring for their parents. While it may be their responsibility, it’s not something that’s easy to do. In fact, it’s often impossible to adequately care for a senior without getting help from other loved ones. As Companions For Seniors advises, it’s wise to create a “caregiving network”.

“To paraphrase an old saying, it takes a village to support a senior,” says their website, “and it’s important to think of the many people who will be involved in helping your elderly loved one age in place.” They include medical professionals, neighbors, friends, family members, local services, companions, and professional caregivers

Make Plans for Transportation

One of the key ingredients to a successful aging-in-place regimen is easy access to medical help. You may not necessarily live close to a hospital or doctor’s office. But it’s important to have transportation readily available in the event of an emergency. Reach out to your family members, friends, and community to see what assistance you may be able to get with transportation for your elderly loved one.

“It’s important to be able to get out and about in your community, and driving yourself is only one of many options to get you where you need to go,” notes Seniors At Home, “Look into what public transportation is available to you, talk to friends and family about how they may be able to help with rides, and familiarize yourself with local taxi companies or ride-sharing services such as Lyft.”

Set Up a Portable Shower

Set up a portable shower

Forward Day would love to assist the senior in your life to happily age in place! With our Shower Bay portable shower, an older adult can enter with his/her shower wheelchair for safe and comfortable shower experiences. Shower Bay eliminates the need for expensive bathroom renovations as it can be snapped together in any room of the home where a faucet is nearby.

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