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Alanna Harvey (President), Forward Day LLC

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This Shower Saved Us Thousands of Dollars

"We were going to have to put in a stairlift to get my husband upstairs to our shower, but with the Shower Bay installed on our main level…we did not.  The shower is super easy to install….I would highly recommend this product."

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Regina Z

As a Nurse my husband and I purchased…

"to take care for his 94 year old mother. We easily hooked the Shower into our laundry room…it was so convenient and well made that it made it so easy to wash her regularly. I recommend the Shower Bay to my patients ad my peers at work…"

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Edward G

Best option for Wheelchair Shower!

"I am so happy with our Shower Bay wheelchair shower. We purchased it just over 2 years ago when my elderly father moved with us. It still works fabulously…We’d buy it again."

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Cheryl E

Shower Bay is a blessing for our …

"Shower Bay is a Blessing for our family. My 92 year old mother moved in with us due to mobility and memory challenges and we did not have a full downstairs bathroom and she could not walk upstairs. …I highly recommend as it is easy to assembly and use for your loved one."

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Tina P

To shower or not to shower

"This thing is the greatest invention since sliced bread. No more bed baths …Wheel in and take a real shower and rinse off completely. My wife's first shower in the unit brought the response, "it feels good to feel clean again."

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Charles and Kathy

This unit is a god sent

"This unit is a god sent. My Mom has been unable to shower due to mobility issues until my sister did some research and discovered The Shower Bay. It’s sturdy and well made."

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The Shower Bay has made it extremely…

"My mother is much more relaxed and accepting in getting a shower now. Fighting to get her into the shower with a transport chair and wet floors are gone. Best decision we've made."

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VA Approved through Prosthetic Department

"We wanted a shower in our basement but did not want to break concrete and do major work. Luckily the Veterans Affairs approved the purchase and the project was completed in no time."

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Fantastic product

"Our shower bay shower was easy to put together and operated perfectly. It has been a lifesaver for our 96 year old father. Totally pleased with it and highly recommend shower bay for anyone who needs a roll-in shower and doesn’t want to invest in a costly renovation.
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Excellent product

"Great service and product and it saved us a ton of cost for remodeling a bathroom to accommodate our mom who has limited ability to navigate in a shower."

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This showerbay was the best solution for…

"This shower was the best solution for bringing our mother home. She was no longer able to climb stairs and ShowerBay enabled us to provide her with a way to bathe where there was no bathroom."

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D. Kirkley
Care-o-sierra-logo- santa cruz, ca

Darlene simply loves the shower. The shower is portable which will allow her to take it with her if she should ever re-locate. A priority of the Independent Living Program is to make it possible for someone to be discharged home from a care facility by making the necessary modifications to allow for her care and extended independence. In her case there was no other option for a shower and Shower Bay’s product made it possible for a successful transition.

-Bob Donnelly,
Independent Living Case Coordinator, C*A*R*E Chest of Sierra Nevada

Valerie-more - santa cruz, ca

The Shower Bay simplified bathing safely, without the inconvenience of a remodel.

-Valerie More, Daughter

Marne - santa cruz, ca

As an occupational therapist specializing in home modifications, I am always looking for products and solutions that will help my clients live at home safely and comfortably. I recently obtained a Shower Bay for a client who had had a stroke. She and the family really wanted her to take a shower. But, the cost of renovating the older home was not an option. The Shower Bay was the perfect solution. The caregivers simply roll her in the shower which was placed in her bedroom. It is easy and doesn’t leak! I will definitely recommend this product to other clients in the future.

-Marnie Renda
Rebuild Independence
We've had the Shower Bay for almost 2 years now.  It works consistently great. As I mentioned, my dad has Dementia and Parkinson's and any deviation from his daily routine was difficult.  With no bathroom on the first floor of our house, we had no way to give him a shower for months after he got back from rehab, until I came across this unit on the web.  I saw these temporary tent-like showers and was tempted by the price but was ultimately won-over by Shower Bay's attractive design, ease, and reviews.  My dad looks forward to taking a shower every morning.  It is vital to his mental and physical well being.  Everyone who visits marvels at the Shower Bay and wants to know more about it.  While it is expensive, the Copeland family could not put a price on the enjoyment this device provides to my Dad on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your responsiveness and innovative thinking in developing the Shower Bay. Best wishes!


We thoroughly enjoyed the Shower Bay we bought for my mom. The Shower Bay team was extremely informative during the decision/ordering process, and the unit arrived on time as scheduled. Setup was easy and only took a short while. Since then, mom has enjoyed many relaxing showers, and her caretakers find it easy to use. Unable to take a traditional shower or bath any more, this has been a real improvement for mom's well-being. She enjoys the shower every time!

Signed...son of a happy mother.


First off, let me say that the personnel at Forward Day are top notch. I needed a fast delivery of their portable shower and they came through. Secondly, they continued being very helpful after I purchased the shower.

The portable shower was exactly what I needed. It was easy to assemble and it made it very easy for the care giver to help my brother with his showering. Rolled in, closed the door and showered. It is a perfectly contained unit. I was concerned that water might get on the floor, but not a drop. It really simplified my brother’s care needs. I would recommend this unit for anyone who is having problems using the regular bathroom facilities.

Thank you Forward Day.
-Paul Johnson

Satisfaction Means More to Us Than a Job Well Done

"Your satisfaction exemplifies the level of service and commitment we strive to deliver to all of our clients. Reviews not only help our online reputation, but they help others make a more informed decision about ordering Shower Bay."

Russell simpkins

Russell Simpkkins

Vice President, Shower Bay

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