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Avoiding the Huge costs of remodeling your bathroom - Santa Cruz, CA

Avoiding the Huge Costs of Remodeling Your Bathroom

By Russell Simpkins / August 3, 2017 /

For just about everyone, the home is a place of comfort, familiarity and convenience. It doesn’t matter how old you are; you are always likely to believe in the “There’s no place like home”. Naturally, our homes are where we spend the most time. It’s where we sleep, eat most of our meals and enjoy…

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Portable Indoor Showers Safest Solutions for Seniors - Santa Cruz, CA

What Makes Portable Indoor Showers the Safest Solutions for Seniors?

By Russell Simpkins / May 4, 2017 /

The fear of falling and slipping is a major concern for seniors. Naturally, with advanced age comes a decrease in both strength and balance. Not only does this make us all more susceptible to trips and stumbles in our later years, but our risk of serious injury significantly increases as well. Statistics show that not…

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Portable Shower - Santa Cruz, CA

What Are the Benefits of Having a Portable Indoor Shower at Home?

By Russell Simpkins / April 24, 2017 /

It’s not uncommon for elderly individuals with mobility issues to require the help of caregivers. In many cases, our elderly loved ones are deemed to be better off in long-term care facilities so that they can benefit from the assistance of medical professionals. However, being away from home is a situation that most people tend…

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What Makes Shower Bay The Perfect ADA Roll In Shower-Santa Cruz, CA

What Makes Shower Bay The Perfect ADA Roll In Shower?

By Russell Simpkins / April 11, 2017 /

What Does Ada Stand For? The Americans with Disabilities Act  is a civil rights legislation that was passed in 1990 to prohibit discrimination against people who have disabilities. As described by the ADA National Network  “the purpose of the law is to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as…

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The Role Of Handicap Accessible Showers In Restoring Independence - Santa Cruz, CA

The Role Of Handicap Accessible Showers In Restoring Independence

By Russell Simpkins / March 29, 2017 /

As we age, we find our physical abilities decreasing. Nothing is strange about this. The majority of us know that mobility issues come with the territory of getting older. However, mobility issues are not exclusive to the elderly. Serious injuries and illnesses can occur at any age. And when such circumstances impact one’s mobility in…

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Handicap Shower -Santa Cruz CA

What Are the Most Important Elements of a Handicap Shower?

By Russell Simpkins / March 24, 2017 /

When an individual endures a major injury or illness that presents him/her with a disability, life changes drastically. Of course, the older we get, the more susceptible we are to get hurt or experiencing changes in our health. So, whether it’s a specific trauma or our advanced ages, getting into the home safely is eventually…

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Advantages of a Shower vs Walk in Tubs - Shower Bay Santa Cruz

What are the Advantages of a Shower vs Walk-In Tubs?

By Russell Simpkins / March 1, 2017 /

When a mobility issue prevents an individual from being able to comfortably perform their activities of daily living, it can be as deflating to his or her emotional state as much as it is to his or her physical strength. In our last blog, we discussed the fact that bathing – one of those all-important…

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What Sh0ould You Look for When Buying a Shower Wheelchair - Santa Cruz CA

What Should You Look for When Buying a Shower Wheelchair?

By Russell Simpkins / February 2, 2017 /

What Is a Shower Wheelchair? Much like its name suggests, a shower wheelchair is a wheelchair that is designed for individuals with mobility issues and who require a means of getting in and out of the shower safely. Generally, wheelchairs are designed for those with mobility limitations to transport around their homes and communities. However,…

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Enjoying The Benefits Of Safely Showering Without Remodeling - Santa Cruz CA

Enjoying the Benefits of Safely Showering Without Remodeling

By Russell Simpkins / January 12, 2017 /

It’s simply a part of life. Aging, that is. No one is immune to it. And, in fact, the luckiest among us age the furthest. However, it goes without saying that as we age, we tend to encounter greater challenges with strength and mobility. It’s not uncommon for the elderly to require mobility solutions such…

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