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Shower Bay Offers An Ideal Emergency Temporary 300 - Santa Cruz CA

Shower Bay Offers an Ideal Emergency Temporary Shower Solution

By Russell Simpkins / September 11, 2017

  On behalf of the entire team, here at Forward Day, we would like to express our sincere sympathies and offer our heartfelt support to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. It is without question that our nation is facing some of the worst weather conditions it has seen in a long time.…

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Avoiding the Huge costs of remodeling your bathroom - Santa Cruz, CA

Avoiding the Huge Costs of Remodeling Your Bathroom

By Russell Simpkins / August 3, 2017

For just about everyone, the home is a place of comfort, familiarity and convenience. It doesn’t matter how old you are; you are always likely to believe in the “There’s no place like home”. Naturally, our homes are where we spend the most time. It’s where we sleep, eat most of our meals and enjoy…

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Providing The Perfect Solutions For Those Returning Home From Rehab - Santa Cruz CA

Providing The Perfect Solutions For Those Returning Home From Rehab

By Russell Simpkins / July 14, 2017

Most often, people associate physical disabilities with individuals in their elder years. And while it’s true that aging is a top culprit for a loss of strength and balance, it’s important to be mindful that there are a variety of reasons why people may experience difficulties with mobility. Injuries sustained due to various mishaps can…

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What Are The Advantages Of a Shower vs Sponge Baths - Shower Bay

What Are The Advantages of a Shower vs Sponge Baths?

By Russell Simpkins / February 20, 2017

When a loved endures a debilitating injury or illness, his or her life undergoes some significant changes. Not the least of which is facing a difficulty with bathing. Bathing is no small matter as most of us consider it a vital daily task. So what happens when someone with a major mobility issue is unable…

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4 Health Situations that May Call for a Roll-In Shower Santa Cruz CA

4 Health Situations That May Call for a Roll-In Shower

By Russell Simpkins / February 19, 2016

While the need for a roll-in shower may be more crucial for some patients than it is for others, roll-in shower units can come in handy for those that have suffered from either life-altering or temporary disabilities. From children to teens, and adults, here are 4 possible health situations for using a roll-in shower at…

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Shower Wheel Chair - Santa Cruz CA

What is a Shower Wheelchair?

By Russell Simpkins / July 20, 2015

Convenience and safety during your activities of daily living become major considerations when you or your loved one experience mobility issues. While bathing is an activity usually thought of as relaxing, it may become dreaded due to the risk of a fall. The bathroom is the area of the home most prone to an accident, especially for the elderly. The wet…

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Shower Bay

What Is a Roll-In Shower?

By Russell Simpkins / June 16, 2015

Caregivers, occupational therapists, and family members know the frustration experienced by those indefinitely dependent upon a wheelchair, especially when it comes to bathing. Roll-In Showers to the Rescue A roll-in shower is exactly what the name implies–a shower specifically designed to accommodate a bather in a shower-wheelchair. Just roll in, sit in safety, and enjoy…

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