What Is a Roll-In Shower?

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Caregivers, occupational therapists, and family members know the frustration experienced by those indefinitely dependent upon a wheelchair, especially when it comes to bathing.

Roll-In Showers to the Rescue

Wheelchair accessible walk in tubs

A roll-in shower is exactly what the name implies–a shower specifically designed to accommodate a bather in a shower-wheelchair. Just roll in, sit in safety, and enjoy a shower. It’s that simple, and much safer, as well as less costly, than a traditional wet room.

 Shower Bay Roll-In Shower Advantages

  • Slips and falls are eliminated when using a roll-in shower. Whether you are the user or the caregiver, you’ll enjoy an anxiety-free bathing experience.
  • Easy ramp access allows the user’s smooth transition and access to a real shower.
  • A roll in shower provides privacy.
  • No tools are needed to assemble the ShowerBay roll in shower. A quick-connect system attaches to almost any faucet, while a return hose empties the water into the nearest sink. The time and expense of a remodel are avoided.
  • A roll-in shower does not require installment or any changes to the structure of your home. It can be set up in any room of your home, with no expensive renovations.

Permanent vs Portable

A wet room is a bathroom that has been modified to allow wheelchair users access to the shower. This is a permanent and expensive renovation for your home. Shower Bay can be assembled–in only a few minutes–in any room of your house; no need for remodeling. The convenience of the Shower Bay design provides a temporary and portable solution.

Shower Bay

Being able to take a shower is a luxury everyone desires, especially when you have mobility issues. Roll-in showers are the perfect solution regarding cost, safety, and convenience. If you have difficulty getting in or out of the shower, or care for someone who does, consider how much easier and safer bathing will be with ShowerBay.

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