What Are The Advantages Of Working With A Family-Owned Business?

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Advantages of working with a family-owned business

Forward Day LLC is a true family business. It was founded by the Simpkins siblings from Santa Cruz, California. While working in the home healthcare industry, the brother and sister team noticed that the main reason families were seeking help taking care of their loved ones at home was due to bathing complications. Bathing can be extremely dangerous for the user and the acting caregiver.

Forward Day’s co-founders came up with the portable shower wonder, Shower Bay. It has bridged the gap in the marketplace of home bathing solutions. In addition to giving seniors and others with disabilities the chance to overcome physical limitations and reclaim independence during bath time, the family-owned business offers its clients a number of unmatched benefits.

We Truly Care

How can shower bay help with your new living arrangements?

In no way do we assume that non-family-owned businesses don’t care about their clients. There is, however, an incomparable type of love and care that is felt between family members. It is with this familial love that Forward Day regards its customers. We understand the intricacies of providing care in the home for loved ones. Therefore, with a high level of care and compassion, we both serve our community and treat our employees.

“One of the most obvious advantages of working for a family business is the element of care that employees have for one another,” points out Pennsylvania-based manufacturer, PennFab, Inc., “This can reveal itself in various ways — from outreach programs and staff engagement activities to in-house training exercises and company picnics, businesses who have established a family-oriented culture often have some of the happiest and most caring employees out there.”

We Are Firmly Committed to What We Do

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To us, Shower Bay is more than a bathing solution. It’s a symbol of our concern for our community. We took a look at the needs of our own family and translated our findings into providing a solution to families everywhere. It matters to us that people are kept safe. And it certainly matters to us that our family-owned business can be trusted to keep people safe. As a result, we are steadfastly committed to helping others each and every day.

“Family firms tend to have a greater sense of commitment and accountability at their heart than non-family firms, as it is not just the needs of the business at stake, but the needs of the family too,” agrees the U.K.’s Vistage International.

We Take Pride in Our Brand

How does the shower bay portable shower help to restore your loved one’s dignity? - santa cruz ca

Needless to say, we see Forward Day itself as a member of the family. Showing up to work every day means so much more to us than simply a means to pay the bills. Our hearts and souls go into the work we do. We also care deeply about our customers’ health, safety, and satisfaction.

“When run properly, everyone in a family-owned business feels like a member of the family,” says PennFab Inc., “Each employee takes the responsibility that comes with it seriously, and it reflects in their work ethic. The more pride they feel that they are part of the extended family, the more likely employees are to keep striving to put in their best effort each day they are with the company.”

For more information about our Shower Bay revolutionary portable showers, please don’t hesitate to give our family-owned business a call at 1-877-593-4461. You may also email us at info@showerbay.com.

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