The Art Of Taking The Danger Out Of The Bathroom

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The art of taking the danger out of the bathroom

The bathroom can be a very busy place. Depending on the number of people in your household, your bathrooms might be in constant use. The safeness – or lack thereof – of the room should not be underestimated. With it being a location of the home that is used so frequently, it stands to reason that it should be safeguarded at all costs.

The bathroom, as you’re undoubtedly aware, is where a lot of slips and falls take place. It’s vital that you take steps to minimize the risks of slips and falls. So what should be done to take the danger out of the bathroom?

Keep Your Loved Ones From Overexerting Themselves

Elderly woman falling in bathroom because slippery surfaces

In many cases, the smartest approaches to bathroom safety take place outside of the bathroom. Naturally, it’s important to transform your bathroom into a slip-free zone. But the stronger, more stable, and alert your family members are, the less likely they will be to incur bathroom-related injuries. Massachusetts-based Cranberry Home Care stresses the need to prevent overexertion in seniors.

“Over-exertion is another reason why seniors get injured while bathing every year,” says their website, “Elderly people tend to have less energy and can find themselves overdoing it simply getting in and out of the tub or standing up in the shower for a few minutes. Installing a secure bathing seat is a good strategy to employ to reduce their likelihood of experiencing over-exertion.”

Allow for a Place to Sit

A shower chair that can be used to avoid injury

The toilet should not be the only seat in the bathroom. For many people, a shower chair is a necessity in order to ensure no slips and falls occur during a shower. As well, if you can add a seat to allow your bathroom’s users to sit while washing up, brushing their teeth, shaving etc., it will make the bathroom that much safer a place.

“Do they have a place to sit while at the sink?” asks Kansas-based Mount Hope Nursing Center, “From brushing their teeth to putting on makeup and fixing their hair, allowing them to sit while handling these tasks will eliminate how long they are standing and thereby reducing the risk for a fall. However, you will need to ensure the bathroom is large enough to accommodate a seating space for this. Adding a chair to an already small area may create a tripping hazard.”

Eliminate All Obstacles

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“One of the most formidable obstacles for seniors stepping in and out of their tub is the side, and doing so on wet surfaces makes it doubly challenging,” reports Cranberry Home Care, “To reduce those tripping risks, install a walk-in bathtub or shower and also clear the bathroom of other trip hazards.”

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