Enjoying the Benefits of Safely Showering Without Remodeling

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Enjoying the benefits of safely showering without remodeling

It’s simply a part of life. Aging, that is. No one is immune to it. And, in fact, the luckiest among us age the furthest. However, it goes without saying that as we age, we tend to encounter greater challenges with strength and mobility. It’s not uncommon for the elderly to require mobility solutions such as walkers and wheelchairs to help them get around. But when one experiences such issues with mobility, it presents a particularly difficult challenge with a very significant component of our everyday lives – bathing.

For those who require the assistance of a wheelchair, taking a shower can become an intimidating task. At Forward Day LLC, we strongly believe that one’s mobility issues should not present them with such uncomfortable scenarios as having to remodel their homes, live assisted-living facilities or even avoiding the shower altogether. That’s why we’re so very proud of our innovative solution: Shower Bay!

What Is Shower Bay?

Wheelchair shower

Shower Bay is a safe and portable shower that is uniquely designed for wheelchair users. It offers them true shower experiences without having to worry about expensive home renovations. The unique design of our Shower Bay portable showers allows them to be quickly assembled in any room of the home. Once the unit is snapped together and connected to a standard faucet, the pump can be turned on so that a relaxing shower can be enjoyed.

Who Is Shower Bay Ideal For?

Firstly, it’s important to remember that mobility issues are not exclusive to the elderly. People with physical limitations come in all shapes and sizes…and ages! Those who incur injuries due to automobile accidents or even sports, for example, can also greatly benefit from Shower Bay portable showers. They help for anyone who requires a wheelchair to enjoy the warm and gentle massage of water pouring down on them without risking the injuries that may come with trying to get into a traditional shower.

As we alluded to earlier, Shower Bay is also ideal for homeowners who aren’t financially able to renovate their homes. In the past, costly remodeling was generally necessary to cater to the needs of a loved one confined to a wheelchair. With Shower Bay, this is no longer the case. As mentioned, these incredible portable showers can be set up in any room of the home that is convenient to the user.

Certainly, this is a major benefit for those who rent their homes, since custom solution remodelling would generally be out of the question for them. In some homes, baths and showers are only available on the upper floors, leaving those with particular mobility issues with the difficult task of having to ascend stairs for each of their showers. Shower Bay eliminates that need by bringing the shower to a comfortable space for its user.

Naturally, many people prefer real showers over sponge baths. Not only do they provide the ability to enjoy a thorough cleaning, but they restore senses of self-confidence and dignity that can often diminish in those who are relegated to more invasive alternative bathing methods. At Forward Day LLC, we not only recognize the importance of giving everyone the freedom to enjoy proper showers, but we insist upon a “safety first” approach to finding solutions for our customers.

Shower Bay portable showers provide easy ramp access that allows for safe and smooth transitions into the showers with shower wheelchairs. This eliminates the need for users and their caregivers to ensure uncomfortable wet transfers from the tub.


How Can You Get a Shower Bay Portable Shower Set up for Your Loved One?

If you have any questions about our Shower Bay portable showers, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 1-877-223-8999 or email us at info@showerbay.com.

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