The Importance Of Practicing Wheelchair Safety And Maintenance

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Wheelchair safety

Wheelchairs are among the most popular mobility solutions for people of all ages. For those who have endured injuries and illnesses that have inhibited their ability to walk safely, either a manual or power wheelchair is generally chosen to assist with mobility. While wheelchairs provide safe and comfortable transport between short distances, users should always be mindful of necessary safety precautions.

As mentioned, wheelchairs are typically safe bets for those with mobility issues. However, maintaining proper upkeep of the wheelchair and ensuring that it is used properly are two activities that should never be overlooked.

Give Your Wheelchair Regular Check-Ups

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No, a wheelchair is not a car. But that doesn’t mean it will never require a tune-up. Like a car, a wheelchair has wheels – obviously. And the more those wheels go through natural wear and tear, the more they need to be checked. A wheelchair with properly functioning wheels is one that will provide its user with safe passage from one location to another, time and time again.

Kathy Birkett of Senior Care Corner highly stresses the need to perform wheelchair wheel maintenance. “Check the wheels regularly,” she insists, “Ensure the wheels aren’t loose or have flat tires, which may impact its braking ability. Don’t forget the spokes, as broken spokes can keep the chair from moving freely. In addition, keep the spokes clear of obstructions, such as lap blankets.”

Be Wary of the Surfaces Your Wheelchair Rides Along

The rougher the terrain, the harder it will be on your wheelchair. Wheelchairs are designed to endure both indoor and outdoor use. It goes without saying that most indoor surfaces are smooth and unlikely to present any significant tire damage to your wheelchair. The outdoors, however, are another story.

Wheelchair users and their caregivers should pay extra special attention to the ground in front of them. Watch out for sharp debris such as glass and look out for damage to the road. “Pay close attention to the surface on which your senior is riding to prevent tipping over due to cracks or holes in the pavement or any change in grade, including carpeting,” advises Birkett.

Try to Keep Your Wheelchair Dry

Taking your wheelchair outdoors in wet conditions can present some obvious dangers. As Stellar Transport reminds us, “certain surfaces and weather conditions can increase your risk for wheelchair accidents. Avoid puddles and wet surfaces with an electric wheelchair, which can easily cause the chair to spin, tip or fall over. If you have no other option but to proceed through puddles, do so as slowly and carefully as possible.”

Avoiding water damage and even potential rust ensures the prolonged safe use of your wheelchair. Now, of course, your wheelchair can’t be taken into the shower with you. As we pointed out in our last blog, using a high-quality shower wheelchair is the ideal way for individuals with mobility issues to bathe.

At Forward Day, we had wheelchair users in mind when creating our unique Shower Bay portable shower. Using a shower wheelchair, a user can simply roll into Shower Bay to enjoy a shower with running water. And because Shower Bay can be snapped together in any room of the home where a faucet is nearby, there’s no need for expensive renovations.

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