3 Elements Of A Shower That Make It Ideal For Handicapped Users

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Individuals with mobility issues face difficult circumstances on a daily basis. What most of us take for granted, those with disabilities see as challenges. The very act of safely moving around the home can be an uphill battle. This is especially true for those who require the use of wheelchairs to get around. And needless to say, bathing is an everyday task that can be among the biggest challenges.

Designing a shower for handicapped individuals can be costly and time-consuming. But, for many Americans, it’s considered a vital requirement. This is because standard bathtubs and shower stalls aren’t designed to be accessible to individuals with mobility issues. The once simple act of getting in and out of the tub can be dangerous enough to cause a slip or a fall. As a result, major changes are often necessary to make showers safer for the disabled.

Here Are Three Elements of a Shower That Make It Ideal for Handicapped Users:

1. It Should Allow for Roll-In Entry.

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A shower for handicapped individuals should be accessible to wheelchair users. Those with shower wheelchairs should be able to easily enter and exit the shower without fear of being injured during a transfer. Ideally, the need for transfers – especially wet transfers that follow bathing – should be eliminated. That way, those who experience difficulties with standing or walking can still enjoy thorough showers with running water in safe environments.

2. It Should Allow for Privacy.

Handicapped showers santa cruz ca

Too often, our elderly loved ones, stroke victims, and people recovering from injuries are made to suffer the indignity of sponge baths. Not only do sponge baths not provide the full and complete cleaning experience that running showers provides, but they are incredibly intrusive. One’s mobility issues should not have to automatically result in a loss of privacy.

Even for those who take traditional baths with the help of caregivers, the feeling of independence is lost. As a result, the very act of needing assistance to bathe is one that causes many people with disabilities not to want to bathe at all. Children of elderly individuals who reside in nursing homes know this all too well. A shower designed for handicapped users should enable them to bathe themselves privately.

3. It Should Be Easy to Use.

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Naturally, the less complicated the shower, the easier it will be for the user to enjoy. Easy-to-reach grab bars, soap dispensers and portable shower heads make the bathing experience trouble-free and enjoyable. It would be ideal if the shower was located in an easily accessible area as well. For the most part, bathroom renovations do little to nothing to change the actual location of the bathroom. This often presents accessibility issues.

Shower Bay Portable Showers for Handicap Users

At Forward Day, we’re thrilled that our Shower Bay portable showers contain all of the above-listed elements! With Shower Bay, no costly remodeling is necessary. The portable showers can be quickly assembled in any room of the home. Construction is simple – the unit can easily be snapped together. As long as it is near a standard faucet, the pump can be turned on to allow a user in a wheelchair to enjoy a relaxing shower.

Shower Bay allows wheelchair users to easily roll in and roll out of the shower. It provides privacy so that users can restore their sense of dignity and independence. And it is designed to eliminate the risk of injuries to both wheelchair users and their caregivers. These portable showers provide warm and gently running water to give users thorough cleans, unlike sponge baths.

If you have any questions about our Shower Bay portable showers, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 1-877- 223-8999 or email us at info@showerbay.com.

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