Cost of Assisted Living vs Staying at Home

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A recent article by Consumer Reports outlined the average cost of assisted living in the USA is $3,600/month. It details that pricing varies by state/facility and in some areas is up to $6,000/month and over $11,000/month for nursing home care.
With these high prices it is no wonder why both seniors and their adult children who care for them prefer to have them stay in their home as long as possible. Constant advances in Assistive Technology (equipment or devises that help someone with their activities of daily living) have made staying at home a popular choice.
It is important for everyone involved to educate themselves on the costs as well as the different types of assistive technology that can allow someone to remain safely at home.
With safe bathing being one of the most difficult hurdles of staying at home, a devise like the Shower Bay can be a game changer. Costing comparable to only 1 month in Assisted Living, the Shower Bay allows the safety of a roll in shower without any need to remodel or plumbing modifications. Learn more at
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