Helping Seniors To Maintain Their Independence And Dignity

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Helping seniors to maintain their independence and dignity

Most people are under the impression that the toughest challenge faced by their elderly loved ones is their mobility issues. Sure, it can be difficult to contend with limited mobility, decreased balance, and diminishing strength. However, for most seniors, it isn’t the physical limitations that represent their biggest problems – it’s the loss of independence that comes as a result.

The emotional toll that losing independence can have on an older person is immense. When you’re incapable of completing once-easy tasks on your own, it can lead to anxiety, anger, and depression. This is why, at Forward Day, we are such big proponents of methods that help seniors to maintain their independence and dignity.

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Provide Your Elderly Loved One with a Resource List

Many seniors have concerns about their safety and well-being. This, of course, is natural. “What if I’m alone and need help?” is a question that is generally top of mind for most older people. Having a resource list handy can help to quell this fear. It offers a senior the peace of mind in knowing that if an issue arises, access to help isn’t far away.

“Having a resource list in advance reduces the risk of…exploitation and saves times later on,” writes Lisa McLeod-Lofquist on, “We recommend you have a list of service companies that included: a plumber, an electrician, an appliance repair company; a chimney/duct cleaning company; a carpet cleaning company; lawn and snow removal services; and a handyman.”

Encourage Your Elderly Loved One to Have a Social Life

Social activities for elderly

Loneliness is a major cause of depression for older people. A great way to combat loneliness and depression is to encourage your elderly loved one to adopt a lifestyle that involves interacting with friends in his/her age bracket.

“The first sign of getting old before your time is when you no longer want to go anywhere and meet up with friends, so all social events should be encouraged,” says Neecey on, “If you find your mum, dad, or other elderly acquaintance seems to be spending more time at home or alone, find them interesting clubs to join or ways to help them make new friends.”

Reduce Bathing and Showering Challenges

At Forward Day, we have a lot of experience working with older adults who have lost their fervor for bathing because they need caregivers to help them with the process. As can be expected, this can lead to shame and embarrassment. Our hearts go out to such individuals, especially those who suffer from dementia.

Bathing challenges for elderly

“Professional and family caregivers often report bathing as one of the most challenging areas of dementia care,” informs Kim Warchol on, “People with dementia often refuse, withdraw, or fight during a bath or shower. There are many things that can trigger these responses, and many of these triggers can be controlled.”

With Forward Day’s Shower Bay portable showers, seniors are given the opportunity to restore their independence. Shower Bay offers a private shower with running water in any room of the house where it can be snapped together. If you have any questions about our Shower Bay portable showers, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 1-877-593-4461 or email us at

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