What is a Shower Wheelchair?

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Convenience and safety during your activities of daily living become major considerations when you or your loved one experience mobility issues. While bathing is an activity usually thought of as relaxing, it may become dreaded due to the risk of a fall. The bathroom is the area of the home most prone to an accident, especially for the elderly. The wet environment greatly increases the possibility of injury to both the caregiver and care receiver. With use of a wheelchair specifically designed for the shower, bathing safely can continue to be relaxing once again.

A wheelchair for the shower is made specifically to allow those who need extra care to navigate the bathroom safely with decreased risk of slipping and falling.

Shower wheel chair

The features of a shower wheelchair are:

  • Made specifically for use in water.
  • Allows user to sit while in the shower.
  • Eliminates the need for dangerous and scary transfer onto a shower chair.
  • Allows for transfers to be done outside the bathroom in a dry setting where both the user and caregiver feel sturdier and more confident.
  • Enables the user to roll into the zero barrier or portable shower
  • Allows those whose mobility has restricted them to only a sponge bath the ability to receive a real shower experience again

The Benefits of Using a Wheelchair in the Shower

  • Safer; user is less likely to slip while sitting in the shower wheelchair
  • Easier for a caregiver to assist without risk of injury
  • Increased autonomy
  • Saves time and cleanup from a normal sponge bath routine
  • Allow your loved one to stay at home

Not only is a shower wheelchair a great way to increase the safety during bathing, it can also save money.  It is an investment that can help cut the cost of assisted care or heath care expenses due to injury.

Shower bay wheel chair santa cruzWhy You Should Consider a Shower Wheelchair

The bathroom can be a dangerous place; about a quarter of a million Americans are hospitalized due to injuries in the bathroom every year. About a third of these injuries occur during bathing or showering specifically.

For those who require assistance, a shower wheelchair is an option that should be seriously considered. Everyone deserves a shower experience that is relaxing and rejuvenating, and that comes with the safety of a shower wheelchair.

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