Providing The Perfect Solutions For Those Returning Home From Rehab

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Perferct solutions - returning home from rehab

Most often, people associate physical disabilities with individuals in their elder years. And while it’s true that aging is a top culprit for a loss of strength and balance, it’s important to be mindful that there are a variety of reasons why people may experience difficulties with mobility. Injuries sustained due to various mishaps can make everyday tasks like walking up the stairs pretty difficult for people of all ages.

At Forward Day, we have a lot of experience catering to the needs of stroke victims and other sufferers of serious injuries. We know all about the hardships encountered by those who require many weeks or months of rehabilitation in order to regain the strength and mobility that their unfortunate circumstances have cost them. We’re also well aware of how difficult life can be for them after they’ve returned home from their rehabilitation stints.

What Difficulties Are Faced by Those Returning Home from Rehab?

Difficulties faced - returning home from rehab

Well, let’s first consider the fact that returning home from rehab doesn’t necessarily indicate a full recovery from injury. In fact, it often isn’t the case. For recovering individuals who live in homes with various levels (and that’s a lot of us), getting up and down the stairs can be quite a cumbersome task. This makes one of their most important daily necessities hard to attain.

Naturally, the act of bathing takes place in a bathroom. And most bathrooms with bathtubs and showers are often found on the second floor. One of the most common problems faced by clients of forwarding Day is that they’ve returned home from rehab facilities only to find that traversing up and down the stairs in their homes is too difficult a task to pull off. As a result, they are relegated to living on the first floor – one without a full bathroom.

How Do Most Attempt to Resolve the “First Floor Problem”?

Some people, faced with this situation, consider solutions that are pretty expensive and time-consuming. A full remodeling of a first-floor bathroom is often selected as a way for those with mobility issues to get access to a shower. Especially if the individual is in a wheelchair, such renovations may include the removal of walls and the expansion of doorways. The costs are exorbitant, as you can imagine.

Another option is to install a stairlift. If renovations are simply out of the question, then a stairlift is often seen as the ideal alternative. Of course, it helps to have these accessibility options to make various levels of the home much easier to get to. However, the installations of stairlifts are pricey and sometimes complicated, depending on whether or not the staircases are straight up and down or curved.

How Does Shower Bay Provide the Perfect Solution?

Portable handicap showers - santa cruz ca

The Shower Bay portable shower provides individuals returning home from rehab facilities with the perfect option. No expensive remodeling is necessary as these great showers can be snapped together in any room of the home where a faucet is located nearby. Gone are the days when those with mobility issues were forced to stick to sponge baths to get clean. Shower Bay offers users full and thorough bathing experiences with running water!

For information on how to get a Shower Bay portable shower set up in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 1-877-223-8999 or email us at

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