How to Protect Your Wheelchair From the Summertime Heat?

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Wheelchair with a towel on a beach

On June 20th, the summer season will officially be here! It’s not that we need don’t already get plenty of heat and sunshine, here in California. But there truly is no season like the summertime to thoroughly enjoy it.

Wheelchair users enjoy the summer just as much as anyone else. However, they have to be concerned about the safety and upkeep of their mobility devices. The heat, as you may have guessed, can present some challenges. So what should wheelchair users do to protect their wheelchairs from the summertime heat?

Seek the Shade to Protect Your Wheelchair

This is a tip doled out to all summer lovers. Most of us greatly enjoy heat. However, a wheelchair can only take so much of it. Consider the fact that metal tends to become extremely hot. Prevent yourself from getting severe skin burns by limiting the amount of direct sunlight that hits the surface of your wheelchair. Naturally, finding some shade will aid in this quest. This is especially important on particularly hot days.

Protect your wheelchair by seeking a shade

Beware of the Beach

Who doesn’t love hitting the beach during the summer? It’s arguably one of the most fun and relaxing places to be in the world. It’s not so fun, however, for many wheelchair users. This isn’t to say that wheelchair users can’t enjoy the beach. It is, however, important to avoid bringing your wheelchair out into the sand. This is especially true for power wheelchair users.

Sand and debris can easily get caught and stuck in areas of the wheelchair that can prevent it from working properly. Enquire with your local beach to learn about its wheelchair accessible areas. If possible, try to get your hands on a beach wheelchair.

“Beach wheelchairs feature larger and wider wheels that allow its users to roll across the sand,” explains Ligaya Malones on, “They aren’t offered everywhere, and some require the assistance of another individual.”

Wheelchair on a beach

Use a Cover When Your Wheelchair Is Not in Use

If you get out of your wheelchair, don’t leave it uncovered. This is an important step to take when you can’t find any shade to protect your wheelchair. Invest in a tarp or any other sizeable cover for your wheelchair so that it can remain covered when sitting alone and idle. You’ll also want to store the wheelchair in a cool and dry location to avoid damage. By getting a cover, such as a canopy, you’ll also lower the risk of having your wheelchair get struck by lightning.

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