How To Maintain Your Wheelchair With Help From Across The Globe

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How to maintain your wheelchair

Wheelchair safety is a concern for all users of these great mobility solutions. No matter your reason for using a wheelchair or how often you use it, it is imperative that you keep it in excellent condition. This is necessary for people all over the world. No matter where you reside, wheelchairs are commonly used to aid both seniors and individuals with mobility issues. Therefore, wheelchair maintenance can be considered a global issue.

Let’s take a look at how to maintain your wheelchair with some help from across the globe.

Check The Tire Pressure

Check the tire pressure

Having the correct tire pressure is vital for ensuring the best performance out of your wheelchair. When the tire pressure is too low, it forces the wheelchair user to exert more energy and strength to propel the device forward. It’s a lot harder to push along a wheelchair with low tire pressure. Of course, the tire pressure shouldn’t be too high either. It can cause tires to either burst or wear down unevenly.

“Check your wheels to make sure they function, such as tire pressure, or if they are solidly tired, make sure they have good tread,” advises Australia’s Patient Handling, “Wheels can be worn out, so make sure you look out for cracks in the spokes that may eventually cause the wheels to collapse. Check your wheel lock to make sure it engages and releases properly.” 

Keep The Wheelchair Dry

Keep the wheelchair dry

When using the wheelchair outdoors, you’re bound to get it both dirty and wet. Naturally, this is to be expected, especially on days when there is precipitation. Wheelchairs aren’t fragile pieces of equipment that can’t handle the elements. However, it’s important to clean and dry the wheelchair off after use. As Singapore’s DNR Wheels instructs, do not store your wheelchair while it is still wet.

“Clean the wheelchair if coming into contact with sand or salt as it can damage the wheel bearings,” says their website, “If you want to keep your wheelchair for a long period, cover it and leave it in a dry place protected from the sun. Undertake a complete wheelchair maintenance check before using the wheelchair again.”

Inspect The Brakes

Inspect the wheelchair brakes

Just like your motor vehicle, your wheelchair needs its brakes to be in excellent working order. Obviously, the brakes of a wheelchair hold the device in a stationary position when it is not in use. This is especially important when a wheelchair user is performing a task and doesn’t want to be in motion. A vital safety feature, brakes should be inspected on a weekly basis. 

“A weekly brake check is recommended, though the user is best qualified to pick up on any possible issues through daily use,” notes Germany’s Sunrise Medical, “Braking efficiency can be impaired by poor placement or by an incorrectly adjusted part, as well as low tire pressure. Wet tires can also lead to poor brake performance. Check these points to confirm that your brakes are working properly.”

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