How to Ensure Your Wheelchair Is Always in Proper Working Order?

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Keeping your wheelchair in tip-top shape is of paramount importance. Safety, of course, is always a primary concern. Just because you are seated in a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean you are immune to mishaps. It’s vital that your wheelchair is regularly maintained and serviced, when necessary. What are some of the steps you should take to ensure that your wheelchair is always in proper working order?

Beware the Cracks

In this case, the word “cracks” can be used as a euphemism for “potholes” or any other damage to the paths your wheelchair takes. Wear and tear on your tires is only exacerbated by rough terrain. However, the word “cracks” can also refer to the damage endured by your wheelchair. Look for those as well.

After enduring significant stress, cracks can appear in the caster housing or cross brace of a folding wheelchair. A crack can also occur at a junction point in the frame. Such cracks can present serious threats to the safety of a wheelchair user. They should be immediately repaired. Be sure to read your owner’s manual to find out which parts of your wheelchair may be covered by the manufacturer.

Replace Worn Tires

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Naturally, a wheelchair’s tires are bound to endure significant wear and tear. Firstly, ensure that there is always adequate pressure in each tire. Secondly, to branch off of our first point, examine the tires for cracks. Thirdly, you’ll want to ensure that the brakes are tightened securely to the frame. It’s important for them to hold the wheelchair’s tires firmly in place. If necessary, make the proper adjustments.

Also, ensure that each tire is adequately inflated. “Keep your tires inflated at the pressure level stamped on the tire or listed in the operating manual,” warns Retirement Living, “Under-inflation can cause your electric wheelchair to wobble or veer off to one side when you want to drive straight. Overinflated or underinflated tires can wear unevenly and are likely to not last as long.”

Check for Loose Nuts and Bolts

A loose nuts and bolts check should be conducted at least once or twice a month. If you find any that are damaged, quickly replace them. Do so with the same type that is being removed to ensure that they adequately secure your wheelchair.

Make sure the replacement bolts have the same grade or strength rating. You can tell by checking the number label on the head of the bolt. It signifies how strong it is. The higher the number is, the stronger the bolt. Using alternative grades and configurations could result in a faulty mobility device.

Clean Your Wheelchair Regularly

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According to Retirement Living, “it’s essential that all parts of the wheelchair are washed daily with the spray cleaner or a bucket of warm soapy water when you are finished using your electric wheelchair each day. Built-up dirt and food deposits can cause your wheelchair mechanisms to wear out faster.”

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