Thinking for Others: Why a Shower Wheelchair is A Good Proof of Sensitivity

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Why a shower wheelchair is a good proof of sensitivity

For a person who is healthy and well, using the shower is almost like a fleeting ordeal. You go in, take a bath, do your thing, and go out. It’s as easy as going in and out of a door. Thing is, not everybody is as healthy and able as the rest of us. That’s why more and more handicap showers are being put up to provide access for those who are using wheelchairs and such. Even portable showers are getting popular thanks to the growing call for sensitivity.

Forget Limitations

Being bound to a wheelchair, some 50 years ago, would have meant living a very difficult life. In a sense, you are bound to a wheelchair for life, and life will no longer be “normal” for you. Fast-forward to today, people with disabilities are enjoying life even with their wheelchairs. These are all thanks to technology and innovators that constantly do their best to make sure that life becomes much easier to live for people with disabilities.

One such innovation is the shower wheelchair. A shower wheelchair is a special kind of wheelchair designed to be used inside a specially created shower. With a shower wheelchair, a handicapped individual can use the shower with maximum privacy. Aside from being convenient, it is an empowering experience for a person with disability.

Before, for a person with disability to have a shower, he or she needs a caregiver to help him/her out. Albeit necessary, this takes away the person’s privacy. It also affects their self-esteem to a certain extent. To attend to one’s personal hygiene without depending on others is a dream a lot of wheelchair-bound patients dream of.

The Shower Wheelchair: A Real Lifesaver

Shower wheel chair

That’s why innovators developed the shower wheelchair. In a nutshell, it is a wheelchair that allows its user to have the freedom to attend to their personal hygiene inside the shower. You can’t use a power wheelchair for this purpose because power wheelchairs are usually powered using electricity. That means the user might have problems if the wheelchair gets wet. Even portable power wheelchairs aren’t too much help for people with disabilities. You have to have a specific kind of wheelchair to be used inside the shower. That’s where the shower wheelchair comes in. It’s a wheelchair you can use inside the shower. No more fear of getting electrocuted and no more need for another person to assist you. With a shower wheelchair and a well-designed shower, any handicapped individual can enjoy the shower with privacy.

Innovations like these really make you admire the want of the human soul to help others. The handicapped demographic is very small but these innovators really see to it that their needs are addressed. They are not the best spenders either yet they provide a solution to their problem. We need more innovators like these. They focus first on the needs of others instead of their own. A few years ago, the idea of shower wheelchairs may sound like a bad idea, but we can only imagine how much it helps people with disabilities these days.

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