Communicating: The Secret To Making Elderly Loved Ones Happy

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The secret to making elderly loved ones happy

For most caregivers, a strong focus is placed on the physical well-being of their care recipients. Of course, this makes sense. Elderly individuals and people with mobility issues often require assistance with their everyday tasks. Such help is necessary in order to prevent injuries. However, it’s important to note that care recipients require emotional stability as well. If you live with an elderly loved one, you likely know this all too well.

Loneliness Is a Major Problem for Seniors

Long before they discuss their back pain, incontinence, insomnia, or other issues that worsen with age, many elderly people complain of their long days without anyone to talk to. Even those who live in homes with their family members are often subject to long moments alone. School, work, relationships, and other responsibilities keep their loved ones very busy.

On, Kimberley Fowler agrees that family is everything. She points out that the United States of Aging Survey found that most seniors have a desire to be close to their families. In fact, one-fifth of those surveyed say that spending time with their friends and families is the best part of their bonus years. Bonus years are the years lived beyond the average U.S. life expectancy of 78.

“More than half of seniors (53 percent) nationally indicate that being close to friends and family is important,” she reports of the survey’s findings. She goes on to note that when seniors can’t be face-to-face with their loved ones, technology is considered an important way for them to keep in touch.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open.

The emotional well-being of a senior is best addressed by simply communicating with him/her.  lists the simple act of talking to your elderly loved one as the top action you can take to make him/her happy. The site points out that many seniors hide their emotions for fear that they are burdening their family members.

“If you notice any changes, be sure to ask them how they are, even if it is through casual conversation,” encourages the website, “Their self-esteem may lower down, for example, due to their eyesight decline which now prevents them from driving or enjoying favorite hobbies. You can positively influence their morale with simple gestures like listening and giving encouragement.”

The secret to making elderly loved ones happy

Offer Them Comfort and Privacy During the Bathing Experience.

At Forward Day, we know just how impactful the bathing process is to the happiness of a senior citizen. When one is able to bathe independently, he/she often gain a sense of self-confidence and pride. However, when a senior requires assistance with bathing, his/her privacy goes out the window. This, unfortunately, leads to bouts with shame and depression and is often reason enough for a senior to not want to bathe at all.

With our Shower Bay portable showers, independence is restored. A wheelchair user is able to wheel his/her shower wheelchair into the shower, close the door behind him/her and enjoy a thorough bathing experience with running water. Not only does Shower Bay provide a full clean, but it provides the type of privacy and independence that helps to keep seniors happy.

If you have any questions about Shower Bay portable showers, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 1-877-223-8999 or email us at

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