The Importance Of Keeping Seniors Warm

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Importance of keeping seniors warm

Here, in the state of California, we don’t worry too much about cold temperatures. But, of course, we have our chilly days now and again. But, for the most part, keeping warm is pretty easy. There are, however, members of our elderly population who don’t find it all that easy to ward off feelings of chilliness. For many older adults, hypothermia can be an issue.

“Older adults are particularly susceptible to hypothermia, which occurs when a person’s body temperature drops too low,” informs, “Generally, hypothermia is said to set in when a person’s body temperature is 95 degrees or lower.” So, evidently, it’s important for seniors to keep warm.

Regularly Check In on Your Elderly Loved Ones

Regularly check in on your elderly loved ones

The proverbial horse’s mouth is always your most accurate source of information. How is the senior in your life feeling? The easiest way to find out is to ask. Be sure to do so often enough so that you recognize a pattern. For example, if they regularly complain of feeling cold, you know that some adjustments need to be made. Turn the thermostat up by a couple of degrees. Ensure that there are blankets readily available throughout the house.

As explains, checking in is especially important when it comes to seniors you don’t live with. “Don’t be afraid to stop in and check up on your elderly friends or neighbors, as well as your loved ones,” the website advises, “If you live too far away to spend time with your senior family, get in contact with a neighbor or family friend who can check in, especially after a snowstorm or power outage.”

Ensure Your Elderly Loved One Maintains A Nutritious Diet

Seniors maintain nutritious diet

You’ll never hear any health advocate recommend against nutritious eating. So naturally, eating well is necessary for good overall health. But did you know that healthy foods can help to keep you warm? As California’s Alegre Home Care explains, when seniors don’t get enough calories and nutrients, it becomes harder for them to regulate their body temperatures.

“Many seniors don’t eat as well as they could, either because cooking is too challenging or because they don’t have much of an appetite,” notes their website, “You can help seniors avoid these problems by cooking healthy foods for them and encouraging them to eat enough…Warm drinks like tea can also help seniors warm up on cold days.”

Keep the Home Warm

Keep home warm

This tip comes from the “no brainer” column. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that there are many ways to keep the home warm. Not only is it wise to turn the thermostat up by a few degrees, but you also want to ensure there are no cracks in your home’s foundation. Drafts can significantly lower indoor temperatures.

“Aside from turning on the heater, there are certain tricks you can apply to keep your house nice and warm,” divulges Australia’s retirement living provider, Seasons, “To save on electricity bills, close the doors of any unused room and place door draft stoppers to keep the cold air out. You should also close all curtains and blinds once the sun has set so you can retain the heat for longer.”

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