The Importance Of Maintaining Privacy For Seniors

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Seniors who require the help of caregivers are placed in a unique life situation. You have to consider the fact that they’ve lived many years being independent – fully capable of clothing, feeding and bathing themselves. When older people get to times in their lives when they can no longer be as independent as they once were, it can understandably be hard for their emotional well-being.

Naturally, as an older person, you may encounter some physical disabilities. Whether through injury, illness or the simple loss of balance and strength due to old age, the realization that you need help to complete everyday tasks can be a harrowing one. Among the many reasons why a lack of independence can cause one to be distressed is the lack of privacy the requirement of a caregiver entails.

A Lack of Privacy Can Be Especially Troubling During the Bathing Process

Lack of privacy

At Forward Day, we’ve met many a client who has had to endure the indignity of sponge baths during their hospital stays. Not only do sponge baths not provide full and thorough cleaning experiences the way showers with running water do, but they are also very intrusive. A sponge bath, quite obviously, is conducted by another person. Privacy, as it were, goes out the window.

A loss of privacy can especially be difficult for people with dementia, says the Alzheimer’s Association. As a result, many become resistant to bathing. “Such behavior often occurs because the person doesn’t remember what bathing is for or doesn’t have the patience to endure the lack of modesty, being cold or other discomforts,” says their website, “Loss of independence and privacy can be very difficult for the person with dementia. The disease also may increase sensitivity to water temperature or pressure.

Regaining Independence Is of Huge Importance to Seniors

Regaining independence

Of course, a senior citizen doesn’t necessarily have to be suffering from dementia to take issue with a lack of privacy. It only comes down to a discomfort with a loss of independence. Arguably, being unable to bathe one’s self is the ultimate form of being dependent. Therefore, caregivers are encouraged to try to involve their elderly loved ones in as much activity as possible. This helps them to restore their senses of independence.

Some seniors can help with house cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, and other duties,” explains Comfort Keepers, “And you should encourage them to do so. Above and beyond maintaining lead generation performing household tasks together, you should engage in other activities with senior loved ones, such as playing games, going for walks, eating meals together or just engaging older people in lively conversations.

Shower Bay Provides the Privacy That Seniors Need

At Forward Day, we proudly champion the use of our Shower Bay portable showers because they provide excellent ways to help seniors regain their independence and maintain their privacy. The privacy part, as we’ve pointed out, is quite a big deal. Unlike sponge baths and traditional baths, Shower Bay allows for seniors to roll their shower wheelchairs inside and close the doors behind them.

Provides privacy that seniors need

This gives them opportunities to enjoy full and thorough bathing experiences – in private! If you have any questions about our Shower Bay portable showers, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 1-877-223-8999 or email us at

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