Helping Your Elderly Loved One To Bathe On A Regular Basis

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Helping your elderly loved one bathe regularly

Older adults don’t always wish to bathe on a daily basis. The reasons are many and not hard to understand. Seniors who contend with mobility issues often feel that the efforts required to keep clean are just too much to bear. In addition, elderly people who have cognitive impairments may simply forget when they last took a bath or shower.

Personal hygiene upkeep, it must be stressed, is necessary for optimum overall health. It’s wise, of course, to help your elderly loved one to bathe on a regular basis.

Why Do Some Older Adults Not Like to Bathe?

Why seniors hate bathing

It’s important to keep in mind that most elderly people don’t necessarily have problems with keeping clean. There are other issues at play that may cause them to simply care very little about bathing. Depression, boredom, fear, and discomfort all play roles in creating this perspective of personal hygiene. On, Carol Bradley Bursack reveals that seniors who require caregivers for bathing often feel like they’ve lost their sense of self-respect.

“As people age, they often feel as if they’re losing control over their lives,” she writes, “One thing that seniors tend to keep a tight grip on for as long as possible is their own personal hygiene. Caregivers and family members can nag all they want, but the more you pester them about something, the more they tend to resist.”

What Are the Top Benefits of Good Personal Hygiene for Older Adults?

Take daily showers

A person who keeps clean keeps healthy. Needless to say, maintaining good health is imperative for older adults. But, unfortunately, poor personal hygiene habits can lead to the onset of ailments and illnesses. Among them are dental problems. As Seattle’s Fedelta Home Care details, dental problems aren’t just painful, they can also be expensive.

“Brushing teeth, using mouthwash, and flossing every day is more important as you get older,” declares their website, “If a senior has dentures, then they should also make sure they clean their dentures after eating food. Neglecting dental care can also lead to heart problems which (are) a major reason why dental care should be a major priority for seniors.”

How Is Smelling Sweet Is Good for the Feet?

Smelling sweet good for the feet

Skin issues may also arise from poor personal hygiene. Older adults who don’t bathe regularly can end up getting skin infections. Both regular bathing and moisturizing are ways to avoid skin problems. Elderly people who aren’t very active, it should be noted, don’t necessarily have to bathe daily to avoid skin problems. Fedelta Home Care recommends a few times a week as a regular washing routine will be particularly helpful for foot health.

“In addition to skin problems, seniors can also experience issues with their feet, and having poor personal hygiene can make matters worse,” reports their website, “For example, taking care of an ingrown nail or shaving a callus on your own can result in more problems. However, doing simple things like moisturizing and soaking feet along with some professional elderly foot care can keep seniors on their feet without pain.”

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