Finding Fun and Safe Ways to Enjoy a Pandemic-Impacted Holiday Season

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Two girls wearing christmas hat having a video call with santa claus

The Forward Day team would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! As 2020 draws to a close, we can’t help but think about what a tough year it has been for all of us. Needless to say, COVID-19 has impacted our lives in ways we never imagined. We invite you to join our team in feeling optimistic about 2021. Here’s hoping it’s a year when we can put the pandemic and its awful ramifications behind us.

We know, however, that it may take more time than we’d like. So, with the holiday season now here, it’s time for us all to find ways to enjoy it, in spite of the coronavirus. What are some fun and safe ways to enjoy the pandemic-impacted holiday season?

Have a Small Outdoor Gathering

Luckily, we Californians are able to enjoy the holiday season in many different ways than our northernmost country folk. Our year-round warm weather makes it so that holiday gatherings can take place outdoors very comfortably. Nevertheless, on, Lisa Milbrand recommends outdoor gatherings to people all over the country as a way of keeping COVID-safe during the holidays.

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“When gathering in person outdoors, consider keeping celebrations to the daytime hours, when it might be a little bit warmer and more comfortable to spend time outside,” she advises, “Look for outdoor activities that can be socially distanced and keep you active, like sledding or snow-fort making. And don’t forget to serve hot foods and drinks to help keep everyone toasty.”

Set up a Video Call With Santa Claus

Zoom meetings have become all the rage in 2020. In place of seeing people in person, we are now widely using this video conferencing technology to have face-to-face conversations. Generally, it’s a Christmas tradition to NOT see Santa Claus on Christmas Day. However, this Christmas is clearly a different one. Why not give the kids an opportunity to speak with St. Nick through a Zoom meeting?

If you can’t find a friend to play the role of jolly old St. Nick, then check out Santa’s Club. “Getting to meet Santa is a magical experience for many youngsters during the holiday season,” writes Juliana LaBianca on, “Unfortunately, they might not get to see Saint Nick in person this year — but that doesn’t mean they can’t chat with him on the phone. Use Santa Club to book a video conversation with Kris Kringle.”

Keep It Simple

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy the holiday season is to simply chill out and relax. After all, it’s been such a crazy year, we could all use a break, right? Enjoy your time with your family doing the simple things. Sit and watch a movie together, cook Christmas dinner as a team, and just sit, talk and laugh. Milbrand encourages people to make special memories with the members of their households – even though they may be getting tired of each other.

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“Create a little advent calendar with festive activities for each day, rather than a treat,” she suggests, “Your Christmas activities don’t have to be elaborate—it could just be drinking hot cocoa together wearing Santa hats or watching one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix—but it’ll help make the season brighter.”

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