Has COVID-19 Impacted How People Bathe?

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Has covid-19 impacted how people bathe

By now, we’re all very well aware of the importance of keeping clean in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. For many weeks now, we’ve all been reminded to wash our hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Preventing the spread of infection is best achieved by keeping our hands clean and away from our faces. This fact raises an interesting question.

Are People Bathing More Often in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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On MSN.com, Zoe Weiner affirms the CDC’s report that water and soap kill the virus. Therefore, one would think that increased showering would be a wise choice. She notes, however, that not all medical professionals think extra showers are necessary. A focus on clean hands helps for COVID-19 – a respiratory virus – to remain away from our mouth and lungs.

Nevertheless, Dr. Joshua Zeichner recommends daily showering. In Weiner’s article, the board-certified dermatologist suggests paying attention to your private parts, feet, underarms, and head. “We know that viruses can live in moist environments off of the skin for short periods of time, this may include the hair,” he is quoted as saying. In other words, extra showering certainly can’t hurt!

COVID-19 Has Impacted Showering Routines Differently for Everybody

For some, Dr. Zeichner’s advice is sound. Again, there’s certainly no harm in keeping your entire body clean on a regular basis. However, for others, staying at home during the pandemic means there is less of a need to shower every day. On Allure.com, Ashley Abramson examines the changing showering habits of the people in her life.

“A few friends of mine say they’re showering far less in the absence of social pressure to get ‘done up,’” she reveals, “and I’ve also heard some folks say they shower more in self-quarantine because they finally have the time or want to reap the mental health benefits that come with bathing.”

What Are the Mental Health Benefits That Come With Bathing?

Mental health benefits

As you know, bathing can be a very relaxing experience. Given the fact that the coronavirus is a worrisome subject, one could argue that extra bathing is just what the doctor ordered. The peace of mind that can be attained by lying in a warm bath is probably something we could all benefit from.

As Fiona Thomas notes on Happiful.com, “warm baths help ease physical tension, relax anxious muscles, and give you that orgasmic, loosey-goosey feeling when you’re tightly wound. They can even aid with digestion problems, and lower blood sugar levels.”

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