3 Ways To Put A Smile On Your Elderly Loved One’s Face

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3 ways to put a smile on your elderly loved one’s face

With March now here, we are rounding out an entire year of living in a pandemic-burdened world. We’re certain you join us in hoping that, by the end of 2021, we’ll have left coronavirus safely behind us. Until this crisis is over, however, it’s important we do all we can to remain healthy.

It’s also vital that we focus on our mental health. This is especially true for elderly people. Older adults didn’t need COVID-19 to experience feelings of loneliness and isolation. However, with the need for social distancing comes a worsening of such feelings. Do you have an elderly loved one who could use happier moments in his/her life?

Here are three ways to put a smile on your elderly loved one’s face:

1. Get a Pet

Elders and a pet dog

This is an especially good idea for seniors who either live or spend a lot of time alone. It’s no secret that cute little puppies and adorable kittens are often considered amazing companions. Is your aging parent an animal lover? Perhaps, getting him/her a new pet can help keep his/her spirits up while you’re out of the house.

“When choosing a pet for your loved one, keep his or her health and living space in mind,” advises Julie Davids of Home Care Assistance, “A dog or cat would be a wonderful companion for seniors who are fairly active and healthy living in their own house. If your loved one has limited mobility or is housebound, low-maintenance pets like fish or a bird would be a better choice.”

2. Engage Your Elderly Loved One in Some Volunteer Work

Senior volunteer work

As long as your aging parent is physically capable, it may be a good idea to get him/her involved in some charitable work. Helping others is always a great thing to do – and it helps people to feel great about themselves too. Perhaps the best way to help your elderly loved one to be happier is to get him/her to make others happier. Admittedly, the pandemic has made being around others difficult. Can your aging parent do some volunteer work at home?

“Perhaps they can help you bake cookies for the local fire station, pot plants to donate to a women and children’s shelter, or put together gallon Ziplock bags of water, socks, toiletries, and snacks for the homeless,” suggests SeniorDirectory.com.

3. Introduce Some Modern Technology

Introduce some modern technology

In many cases, a senior’s feelings of isolation come by way of him/her thinking he/she is behind the times. The pandemic has forced us to remain separated from many of our loved ones. Without having a good handle on how to use a smartphone or a tablet, an older person can feel out of touch. Get your elderly loved one acquainted with some modern technology that he/she can also use to be entertained.

“Teach your loved one how to use a computer or other electronic gadgets to contact family members and friends,” encourages Davids, “Set up free accounts online such as a video chat service your loved one can use when feeling lonely or bored. On the days when you can’t visit your loved one in person, scheduling regular times to talk together online could help him or her remain cheerful and socially connected.” 

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