3 Secrets To Treating Your Aging Parents To Summer Fun

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3 secrets treating aging parents summer fun

Thankfully, here in the Golden State, we enjoy fairly warm temperatures all year round. However, there’s no question that the summertime brings the heat like no other time of the year. The forthcoming summer season is certainly one to enjoy. However, it’s also one when safety measures must be taken. This is especially true if you have older adults in your life. 

What are the secrets to treating your aging parents to summer fun? Here are three:

1. Start up an Interfamily Book Club

Interfamily book club

Does your elderly loved one like to read? Are you a bookworm yourself? Reading is arguably the safest activity you can participate in. Why not read in the sunshine? Consider starting up a summertime tradition where you and your family read a particular book that you can all discuss over dinner in the backyard. It’s an activity that everyone – older adults included, of course – can take part in.

“Reading is a fantastic activity for seniors during any season, but especially during the summer,” notes Nevada’s dementia care experts at Vineyard Henderson, “Aging adults can read while outside in the shade or in inside in the AC. A book club is a fantastic way to encourage both more reading and socialization. Reading might be difficult depending on eyesight or other factors. If so, consider alternatives like audiobooks or large print versions.”

2. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Senior at farmers market

If the COVID-19 restrictions in your neck of the woods ease up this summer, a Farmer’s Market is a wonderful place to visit. The sights and sounds at these markets are fun parts of every summer. Not to mention, the ability to hunt for delicious eats and save a few bucks while doing it is a great way to spend an afternoon. As St. Louis, Missouri’s Bethesda Health Group points out, flea markets are very popular in the summer and great places for older adults who love to shop.  

“Perhaps they’ll find a bargain, or maybe they’ll just have a good time strolling down ‘memory lane’ while browsing through the antiques,” says their website, “A trip to the Farmer’s Market may not only be a good opportunity for seniors to enjoy the outdoors, but also a chance to purchase healthy foods to prepare for dinner.”

3. Keep an Active Lifestyle

Senior active lifestyle with family

The summertime is the perfect time of year to get in some light exercise each day. Naturally, the warmth and sunshine provide excellent conditions for some outdoor fun. Go for walks and do some stretching. Both the fresh air and the body movement are great for the older adult in your life. Not to mention, the vitamin D attained from the sun is a healthful benefit. 

The Vineyard Henderson website also recommends swimming with your elderly loved one this summer. “Swimming and water aerobics help you beat the heat while also staying fit,” it reads, “Water-based summer activities for seniors are usually low-impact and great for individuals with arthritis or stiff joints. Other low-impact exercises include yoga, chair tai chi, and balloon volleyball.”

At Forward Day, we’re committed to helping older adults enjoy themselves. If you have any questions about how our Shower Bay portable showers can help your elderly loved one to enjoy a warm shower with running water without having to use the bathroom, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them! Give us a call at 1-877-593-4461 or email us at info@showerbay.com.

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