Putting A Stop To Slips And Falls In The Bathroom

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Putting a stop to slips and falls in the bathroom

For most of us, using the bathroom is a simple everyday task we barely put any thought into. However, elderly adults and people with disabilities often see the bathroom as a difficult place to navigate. Especially for those who have diminished strength and balance issues, trips to the bathroom can equate to accidents waiting to happen. Most bathroom floors are pretty slippery, even when they’re not wet. This makes the bathroom a place where slips and falls often occur.

There are, of course, some steps that can be taken to put a stop to slips and falls in the bathroom.

Place Non-slip Mats on the Floor

Non slip bath mat

To address the slippery surface problem, it’s wise to add non-slip mats to your bathroom floor. This will provide users with some much-needed traction for their feet to grip onto. Throw rugs are the opposite of non-slip mats. They should, in fact, be removed from any and all floors in the home. Throw rugs are known to bunch up and become tripping hazards.

“Numerous falls are brought about by slippery surfaces,” affirms Kerovit.com, “In order to prevent slips, it is prompted that you introduce non-slip surfaces on the floor of your bathroom. Non-slip decals ought to likewise be applied to bathroom tiles, which can be similarly dangerous as the tub when wet. Remove rugs or mats on which one can stumble upon and slip.”

Brightly Illuminate the Bathroom

Brightly illuminate the bathroom

The importance of good lighting should not be underestimated. It’s practically impossible to trip over something you can clearly see. Be mindful that, for many elderly adults, vision impairment is an issue. Ensure that your bathroom is brightly illuminated so that everyone can clearly see what is in front of them on the floor. As Brian O. Sutter of Florida’s All Injuries Law Firm notes, this is especially important at night.

“Make sure that your bathroom lighting is adequately bright enough for your daily needs,” he writes, “Additionally, you may want to use a nightlight or install an illuminated switch in order to make the bathroom easier to find in the middle of the night. Some even use glow in the dark stickers or markings to create an easy to see the path from the bedroom to the bathroom.”

Keep the Bathroom as Dry as Possible

Keep bathroom floor dry

After a hot shower, we’re prone to seeing condensation on the mirrors. That moisture is on the floors too. Be sure to wipe your floors down after each shower. Given all of the water we can access in a bathroom, it’s also vital to quickly clean up any spills. The drier your bathroom surfaces are, the less likely someone will slip and fall while in there.

“Whenever one takes a bath or uses the bathroom, they need to ensure that the bathroom is left neat and dry,” insists Kerovit.com, “You can ensure the bathroom is dry by using a wiper to wipe all the water. You can even put a shower curtain so that the water from the shower doesn’t come to the toilet or basin side. Use rugs in order to soak the water.”

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