How To Respect The Privacy Of Your Elderly Loved One

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Respect the privacy of your elderly loved one

Your aging parents need you. It’s an interesting role reversal given the fact that they cared for you as a child and now it’s your turn to provide care for them. While the care you provide your folks is surely appreciated, it must be mentioned that it can be a hard reality to accept for Mom and Dad. A loss of independence can be tough on a person mentally and emotionally. So, it’s important to find different ways to ensure your parents are given the privacy they need.

Set up a Private Room for Your Parents

Elderly in a room

Imagine going your entire adult life with your own private bedroom only to end up in a situation where you have to share one. That can be tough. Unless constant care is absolutely mandatory, an elderly person deserves a space of his/her own. As Jessica Fairbanks of Cedar Falls, Iowa’s Home Care Assistance affirms, it’s important for seniors to have a space they can retreat to when they want to be alone.

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“Your loved one should have an accessible bedroom, located on the ground floor if he or she has mobility issues,” she informs, “When finances permit, many families choose to build add-ons for their senior loved ones, a secluded space designed with their needs in mind. Once this personal living space is established, respect your loved one’s privacy. Knock before entering, and enter the room only when invited.”

Be Mindful of Body Language

Body language

Most elderly people aren’t going to make outright requests to be left alone. Especially when they are contending with mobility issues, they may feel obligated to be around their caregivers. Everyone is entitled to a little alone time. If your aging parent isn’t the type to ask for privacy, pay close attention to his/her body language. As Sila Melika of Home Care Assistance in Solon, Ohio puts it, the ways seniors physically respond to situations are often louder than words.

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“If your loved one has folded arms while you’re talking, he or she may not be optimistic about what you’re saying,” she writes, “Personal space is also important for aging adults. Watch how your parent responds when you’re talking. When seniors back up or move away while talking, it could indicate their personal space is being violated.”

Show Respect and Sensitivity During Bathroom Time

Respect during shower time

There is no room in the house that screams “I need privacy!” more than the bathroom. We all know what goes on in there. But, for many seniors, privacy must be given up in favor of ensuring their safety. If your elderly loved one requires your help with bathing and/or using the toilet, it’s incredibly important that you approach such scenarios with a great deal of respect and sensitivity.

“If your loved one needs assistance getting in the bath, help him or her undress and use the transfer bench,” recommends Fairbanks, “You may then choose to leave the bathroom and close the door. This approach is an effective compromise between safety and privacy.”

For seniors with mobility issues, taking the bathroom out of the equation may be in order. With Forward Day’s Shower Bay portable shower, your elderly loved one can take a private shower with running water in any room of the house where can be assembled. For more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-593-4461 or email us at

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