Taking On The Tough Task Of Preventing Slips And Falls In The Bathroom

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Prevent slips and falls in bathroom

The bathroom is a slippery place. Between its slick tile floors and smooth bathtub surfaces, bathrooms are places where slipping and falling is common. As well, the presence of water only makes people more susceptible to taking tumbles. This is especially true for seniors – many of whom experience diminished strength and balance. Needless to say, the bathroom is a room in the home that needs to be safeguarded.

“Unfortunately, about 80 percent of senior falls happen where people are the most vulnerable – in the bathroom,” reports SeniorCaring.com, “Bathroom falls are common for a number of reasons; stepping into the tub is too difficult, being unaware that the floor is wet, bath mats that don’t stay in place, and detached bathroom rugs are just a few of them.”

There Are Many Different Factors That Lead to Falls in the Bathroom

Among them are age-related issues like muscle weakness in the legs. This is why many seniors make use of such walking aids as canes, walkers and wheelchairs. Naturally, a wheelchair user will have to get out of his/her wheelchair to properly use the bathroom. Most homes don’t have bathrooms that are designed in ways to allow wheelchairs to enter. As a result, many seniors are susceptible to losing their balance while using the facilities.

“Lower body weakness, limited mobility or difficulty with walking and balance, and vitamin D deficiencies all make seniors more susceptible to slipping and falling,” says SeniorCaring.com, “Another aspect of aging that may increase the likelihood of falling is medication. Sedatives and antidepressants can create problems with balance, causing a senior to fall.”

There Are Some Scary Fall Statistics

The website goes on to point out that, according to the Center for Disease Control, 95 percent of hip fractures are caused by falling. In fact, one out of every five falls leads to such injuries as broken bones or head fractures. 250,000 seniors fracture their hips due to falling each year. And even when seniors are not seriously injured by their falls, 47 percent of the time, they are unable to get up without help.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Falls in the Bathroom?

One of the most important measures to take is to remove any potential tripping hazards from the floor such as throw rugs. In their place should be non-slip mats. These are especially important in the bathtub. Grab bars are also highly recommended as they provide seniors with something sturdy to hold on to in order to maintain balance. Shower chairs are also good ideas as they allow for showers to be taken in seated positions.

Brian O. Sutter of All Injuries Law Firm also suggests keeping your bathroom well lit. “Make sure that your bathroom lighting is adequately bright enough for your daily needs,” he advises, “Additionally, you may want to use a nightlight or install an illuminated switch in order to make the bathroom easier to find in the middle of the night.”

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What About Eliminating the Bathroom Altogether?

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