Presenting Shower Bay at the Stroke and Disability Learning Center

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Presenting shower bay at the stroke and disability learning center

At Forward Day, we believe in offering solutions to those who may be under the impression that help is unavailable. We’re strong supporters of those who have mobility issues and face difficulties getting around and performing everyday tasks that most of us find easy to do. Bathing is one of those activities of daily living tasks that can be quite difficult for those with mobility issues as well as the family member that helps take care of them. It is especially true if those issues require an individual to use a wheelchair.

Why Was Shower Bay Created?

Forward Day was founded when Alanna Harvey learned through her work as a case manager that elderly people and individuals in wheelchairs deserve more comfort and dignity than what is provided by sponge baths. So, along with her brother Russell Simpkins, the ultimate solution was discovered by creating Shower Bay. For the past several years, the sibling duo has been only too happy to learn just how much comfort their portable showers have brought wheelchair users continent-wide.

Just as this past holiday season was beginning, Alanna and Russell had the distinct pleasure of bringing the Shower Bay to the incredible Stroke and Disability Learning Center (SDLC) in the small town of Aptos, California. The Stroke center, which is part of a unique program at Cabrillo College, was founded in 1974 and since then, has offered an excellent interdisciplinary educational program for adults who have either survived strokes or are living with physical disabilities.

Shower Bay Improves Lives

On november 30th

On November 30th, students at the Stroke Center were treated to a presentation on the Shower Bay portable shower by Alanna and Russell. Because the goal of the center is to support the independence of adults who have lost some of their physical abilities, the brother and sister pair was only too happy to show how much the Shower Bay can improve the lives of those who require wheelchairs in order to be mobile.

As reported in the SDLC blog, the group in attendance was able to see first-hand how the Shower Bay only takes about minutes to set up. Several of the students even tested it out themselves by easily maneuvering their wheelchairs in and out of the portable shower. We’re happy to report that both the students and staff at the Stroke and Disability Learning Center were very impressed by the presentation.

Remarkable Experience at Stroke Center Community

However, we’re even happier to report that Alanna and Russell thoroughly enjoyed their time reaching out to these fantastic members into their community. The immense courage and dedication shown by the students at Stroke Center are remarkable. Just as extraordinary is the commitment of the fine staff that runs the classes at the center. It determined to meet the learning needs of each individual student, the facilitators, at the center, work hard to address a wide range of disabilities.

At the center, students participate in small-group instruction that covers a variety of subjects, including Mobility and Fitness, Speech and Communication and Counseling Support. It is our hope that our visit to the Stroke and Disability Learning Center will not be our last. The team at Forward Day is proud of the support system that is the Stroke and Disability Learning Center, and we certainly look forward to offering our support to the center once again in the near future!

Want a Shower Bay Presentation in Your Community?

We’d also be quite happy to offer a presentation of our Shower Bay portable showers to you as well! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Give us a call at 1-877-223-8999 or email us at

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