Helping Older Adults With Their Personal Hygiene Routines

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Helping older adults with their personal hygiene routines

Do you live with an older adult whose personal hygiene is suffering? It’s not uncommon for seniors to slack on their daily self-cleaning routines. They’re not to be blamed for it either. A combination of mobility issues and feelings of depression can contribute to less-than-stellar upkeep of an elderly person’s personal hygiene requirements. What can you do to help?

Be Open and Honest with Your Loved One

Be honest and open with your loved ones

Communication is a vital part of any strong relationship. This includes the relationship you have with the older adult in your home. Be open and honest, but very respectful when discussing your loved one’s need to keep up with his/her personal hygiene. As Angie Kunnath of South Carolina’s From The Heart Home Care points out, some seniors have difficult times admitting they need help with daily grooming tasks. 

“This hesitation to ask for help could be why they’re having increasingly noticeable issues with hygiene,” she writes, “Let your loved one know what specific hygiene issues you’ve been noticing. Suggest visiting the doctor to see if medical issues may be a factor. Remind your loved one that it’s perfectly normal to need this type of assistance during the later years of life.”

Seek Professional In-Home Care

Seek professional in-home care

Sometimes, you simply can’t handle all the caregiving yourself. For many caregivers, it is necessary to seek out the help of professionals. There are numerous resources out there. Research in-home care services in your area to locate the ideal professional caregiver for your elderly loved one. These professionals are regularly trained in providing assistance with personal hygiene routines.

“Home caregivers are an excellent source for support and assistance in caring for your aging loved one,” writes Jon Martin of Toronto’s Affinity Health, “Professional caregivers are trained to approach delicate situations like personal care with respect, discretion, and compassion. Outside help can make the situation seem less arduous and can reduce the strain and tension on your relationship with your loved one by offering a little breathing room.”

Discover the Reasons for The Poor Hygiene

Discover the reasons for the poor hygiene

Is your elderly loved one suffering from depression and/or anxiety? Are there times when memory loss plays a factor? Does the senior in your home feel afraid to use the bathroom? Is he/she suffering from any mobility issues? According to Kunnath, poor hygiene in older adults is sometimes related to things in the immediate environment that is entirely correctable. 

“Determine if this may be the case by taking a look around your parent’s home to see if you can identify likely reasons for the hygiene issues,” she advises. Possible solutions could include having grab bars installed in the bathroom, placing regularly used hygiene products within easy reach, and investing in a tub that’s more accessible. 

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