Making 2019 The Year Of Senior Safety In Your Home

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Senior safety in 2019

On behalf of the entire Forward Day team, we’d like to offer you our sincere well-wishes for the New Year. Here’s hoping that 2019 is your happiest year to date! In our experience, we know that what makes most people happy is simply the safety and well-being of their families. At Forward Day, we take great pride in knowing that our Shower Bay portable showers are well-known for providing both seniors and individuals with mobility issues much safer bathing experiences.

The more ways you can make your home a safer place, the happier your family is bound to be. This is especially true if your home inhabits an elderly loved one. Naturally, protecting your older family member from injury is an extremely important way to keep smiles on faces within your dwelling. So how do you plan on making 2019 the year of senior safety in your home?

Safeguard the Entranceway

Far too often, home owners forget that the first step to making their homes safer for seniors literally takes place on the first step! What is the condition of the entranceway of your home? Are their cracks in the pavement that could present tripping hazards? Are your steps loose or dilapidated making them potential injury-inducers? On, Shayne Fitz-Coy highly recommends repaving uneven surfaces in front of your home.

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In addition, he strongly promotes safeguarding the stairs that lead to your front door. “If you must have stairs, install rails on both sides of the stairs,” he advises, “These should be at least one-and-a-half inch in diameter to accommodate aging grips. Increase stair visibility by using contrast strips on top and bottom stairs. Color contrast between the treads and risers on stairs.”

Avoid Mix-Ups with Senior-Specific Cabinets

For many seniors, adhering to specific medication schedules is vital to their health and well-being. With medication in the house, it’s important that it be kept from children and anyone else who shouldn’t be taking it. As well, it’s just as vital that your elderly loved one has access to his/her medication without there being reason for confusing it with other pills and tablets. To aid with this, Cardinal Senior Care recommends separate medicine cabinets

“Another simple solution to improve home safety for seniors, eliminating potentially dangerous situations, is to use separate medicine cabinets if more than one person living in the home is taking medication,” they communicate via the Elder Options Of Texas website, “This practice will avoid accidental medication mix-ups and confusion. If an elder is able to access their own medications, make sure a step or stool isn’t needed to reach the cabinet.”

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Eliminate Bathroom Dangers

It’s a secret to no one that bathrooms present slip and fall hazards due to their slippery surfaces. “More than one in three seniors over age 65 fall each year, and the National Institute on Aging (NIA) says 80 percent of these falls are in the bathroom,” reports NewsUSA. At Forward Day, we’re happy to provide a guaranteed method of significantly minimizing bathroom dangers.

With our Shower Bay portable shower, there is no reason to enter the bathroom for a shower or bath. It can be snapped together in any room of the home where a faucet is nearby, allowing wheelchair users to roll their shower wheelchairs in for a shower with running water.

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