How Older Adults Can Improve Their Safety In The Bathroom

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How older adults can improve their safety in the bathroom

According to, “bathrooms are dangerous because they’re small spaces with lots of hard surfaces and corners. On top of that, sitting down and standing up can cause dizziness or unsteady balance for seniors because of changes in blood pressure. That could easily lead to a devastating fall.” The dangers of the bathroom should especially be taken seriously by older adults. Let’s review some ways they can improve their safety in the bathroom.

Install Grab Bars

Install bathroom grab bars

This is a tip that we’ve found on pretty much every bathroom safety list we could find. There is a good reason for it too. Grab bars have long been proven to give bathroom users adequate leverage. These strong and sturdy bars help people to maintain their balance. Under no circumstances should they be mistaken for towel racks. Grab bars are designed to support the weight of the average adult while towel racks are not. They’re for towels!

“Installing grab bars in and out of the tub or shower and next to toilets can allow older adults to steady themselves as they transition in and out of the tub or on or off the toilet,” informs Stephanie Struyck Elgin of Shield HealthCare, “The placement of the grab bar is important. The bars should be in easy-to-reach places to help support balance. They should also be placed at a height that will allow the individual to gain hold without having to reach too far up or down.”

Keep an Emergency Remote in the Bathroom

Life alert shower help button emergency remote

Source: www. Lifealert. Com

An excellent safety feature, an emergency remote is designed to help people call for help in worst-case scenarios. In the event of a trip and fall, such a device can be used to contact loved ones, professional caregivers, or even emergency services. As Robin Schiltz of Senior Safety Advice highlights, a wearable emergency remote or one placed in the bathroom can be a priceless investment.

“Seniors that wear an emergency remote are more likely to get help when they need it most,” she writes, “With the press of a button, an ambulance is sent directly to the home as soon as possible. Additionally, Life Alert offers a shower HELP button.”

Utilize a Transfer Bench

Utilize transfer bench

Source: kohls. Com

Transfer benches are especially important for wheelchair users. They allow such individuals to safely transfer from their mobility device to another seated position. This eliminates the need for them to stand and lift their legs in order to get into their bathtubs. Naturally, the avoidance of the stand and lift routine minimizes any risk of falling down and getting injured.

“When getting in and out of the tub, older adults may not be able to lift their leg high enough to make it over the top of the tub,” notes Elgin, “A transfer bench eliminates the problem of stepping in and out of the tub. The individual safely sits on the bench outside the tub and then slides over on the seat safely into the tub. The person can enter and exit the tub while remaining seated.”

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