How To Help Your Aging Parent’s Personal Hygiene Routines

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Help aging parents personal hygiene routines

If you live with a senior citizen, you are undoubtedly concerned about his/her well-being. It’s important to remember that your aging parent’s physical safety doesn’t just require avoidance of injury and illness. It pays to be clean. The upkeep of a senior’s personal hygiene is a big part of what keeps him/her healthy.

What steps should you take to help with your aging parent’s personal hygiene?

Trim Their Nails Regularly

Trim nails regularly

Needless to say, we all use our hands every day. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we have all been advised to keep those hands of ours as clean as possible. Frequent handwashing continues to be recommended. However, it’s also wise to trim your fingernails on a regular basis. It will help to avoid the presence of bacteria on the hands and under the nail beds.

“Trimming your nails often is a great way to eliminate the bacteria that live under your nail beds,” informs Oklahoma’s Saint Simeon’s, “Keeping your fingernails and toenails clean will help you avoid infections.”

Keep All Personal Hygiene Products Handy

Keep all personal hygiene products handy

Don’t make it difficult for your elderly loved one to keep clean. Bear in mind that older adults require as much ease and convenience as possible when it comes to performing just about any daily routine. The last thing you want is for your aging parent to decide against a shower because he/she can’t find the body wash. Make sure that all cleaning products are readily available and easily within reach.

“Gathering supplies and having them at arm’s reach can be very helpful,” contends Debbie Wolf of Arizona’s Home Helpers, “You don’t want to be in the middle of a shower only to discover that the shampoo is missing or you’re out of soap. Make sure you bring towels and washcloths with you and have everything ready to use.”

Take Daily Showers

Take daily showers

To some people, a daily shower is unnecessary. However, it is certainly hard to argue that taking a shower at least once a day won’t help to stave off bacteria and other germs that can create health issues for older adults. Showering before bed every night is a worthwhile rule of thumb for senior citizens. Establishing a regular routine is a highly recommended tip for seniors.

Saint Simeon advises seniors to shower daily. “This will help remove bacteria and other irritants from your skin and reduce your risk of rashes or other skin problems,” says their website, “Wash your hands often to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria. Make sure to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds any time you come into contact with surfaces that haven’t just been cleaned.”

Snap Together a Shower Bay!

How can shower bay help with your new living arrangements?

Forward Day’s Shower Bay portable shower certainly helps seniors with their personal hygiene routines. It enables them to do away with the bathroom and take showers in any room of the home where a faucet is nearby. Once Shower Bay is snapped together, one can enter with his/her shower wheelchair for a safe and comfortable shower experience.

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