Providing a Safe Bathroom for Loved Ones With Physical Challenges

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It’s important to do away with stereotypes about those with physical challenges. Just because a person lives with a disability, it doesn’t make him/her helpless. In fact, the majority of people with mobility issues have learned to live with their impairments as if they aren’t impairments at all. This doesn’t mean, however, that they couldn’t use the help of some modifications to their lifestyles.

In particular, their bathrooms often need to be modified to accommodate for their disabilities. So what are some important steps to take in order to create a safe and comfortable bathroom for those with physical challenges?

Raise the Toilet Seat

Believe it or not, the supposedly simple tasks of sitting down and standing up are much harder for people with mobility issues. Especially for elderly people who have balance issues, a raised toilet seat can make visits to the bathroom a lot safer. In addition to a raised toilet seat, a grab bar installed by the toilet can help to ensure one doesn’t lose his/her balance in the bathroom.

Elderly woman holding grab bars with raised toilet seat in the background

“In addition to the tub, the toilet is another area of the bathroom that can become treacherous for those with disabilities,” says Kelly Mercer of North Carolina’s 101 Mobility, “Handrails eliminate users’ need to balance as they sit down and stand up from the toilet. Consider installing a simple safety frame around your toilet to increase the user’s comfort and quality of life.”

Make the Bathroom Slip and Fall-Proof

Scour your bathroom to ensure that there are no tripping hazards present. Be vigilant. That pretty throw rug may have nicely added to the bathroom’s decor, but it serves as an obstacle to those who are unsteady on their feet. Replace such rugs with non-slip mats. Also, be sure to clear the floors of any clothing, toiletries, and cosmetics. Finally, consider a shower chair so the user of the shower can sit while bathing. This also helps to significantly lower the risk of slips and falls.

Elderly falling in bathroom because of slippery surface

“Slick tile becomes extremely hazardous when wet and soapy, and tubs and countertops aren’t forgiving surfaces for those prone to falls,” notes Mercer, “The tub can be especially challenging given that tubs have tall sides, creating a tricky physical barrier to entry. Luckily, step-in tubs eliminate that barrier, allowing users to step into the tub without straddling the side. This creates a much safer experience, reducing the risk of falls.”

Eliminate the Bathroom From the Bathing Equation

What if your loved one didn’t have to visit the bathroom to take a shower? For many seniors and people with disabilities, avoiding the potential risks of slipping and falling is a top priority. At Forward Day, we’re proud to have introduced to the world a solution to the dangers associated with bathtubs and showers.

Shower Bay is a safe and portable shower designed for wheelchair users. It provides a true shower experience without dangerous wet-environment transfers or expensive home renovations. Shower Bay’s unique design allows for quick assembly in any room of the home. Just snap the unit together, connect to a standard faucet, turn on the pump, and you’re ready to enjoy a relaxing shower!

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