Personal Hygiene Upkeep Is Necessary for Healthy Senior Living

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Caregivers of older adults know how important it is to safeguard their homes. Ensuring that there is nothing to trip over, insisting upon healthy meals, and using mobility solutions are all ways to maximize senior safety. Keeping clean, however, is also of major importance. There are many reasons why personal hygiene upkeep is necessary for healthy senior living.

It Helps to Maintain Their Physical Health

Cleanliness is next to healthfulness. Yes, we know that’s not the traditional idiom. However, it doesn’t make it any less true. When you maintain good personal hygiene, you maintain good physical health. This is true for people of all ages. But imagine just how important it is for seniors who are more susceptible to the onset of numerous health conditions to keep clean.

“As we age our immune system is not as robust as it once was and that means germs and viruses are more of an enemy than ever,” notes Miami Home Care Services, “Hand-washing before handling food and after visiting the facilities if not already a habit should become one…Be on alert for situations where germs may be abundant such as hospitals or public transit and use sanitizer or antibacterial soap.”

It Keeps Them Comfortable

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No one likes that sticky and sweaty feeling. But that is what happens when you go a day or two without a bath. And although some seniors are opposed to regular bathing, it’s hard for them to deny that the fresh and clean feeling following a shower is a great one. It’s especially important to remind your elderly loved one to bathe if he/she struggles with memory loss. Don’t allow his/her mental condition to create an uncomfortable living situation.

“Have you ever gone a couple of days without taking a shower or a bath?” asks Louise Savoie of Cam Caregivers, “You end up feeling hot, sticky, and downright uneasy. It’s not the best experience, is it? Just imagine how much more uncomfortable it would be for your senior loved one! But when your elderly family member is able to have a shower or bath at the regular, it will allow them to rest better and simply just be more comfortable all around.”

It Encourages Them to Feel Good About Themselves

If you want to help the elderly loved one in your life grows his/her confidence, it’s wise to encourage better personal hygiene upkeep. Looking and smelling good helps people to feel good. It’s that simple!

“Seniors who make sure their hair, nails, and skin are in good condition present a positive image to the world,” insists Miami Home Care Services, “The world will look back respectfully, far more so than if the senior lets themselves go. Confidence and positive opinion go toward a better mental outlook. Good mental health is the difference better living and living well.”

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