Finding Ways to Make the Bathing Experience Safer for Seniors

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Bathing experience safer for seniors

In our industry, we hear it all the time. “Bathrooms are the most dangerous rooms in the home.” Because of their slippery surfaces and the obvious presence of water, the opportunities for slips and falls are at their greatest in the bathroom. Naturally, this is especially concerning for senior citizens. In order to enhance the safety of the elderly loved ones in our homes, our bathrooms require special attention

The importance of this fact cannot be understated, simply because of the activities that take place in bathrooms. It doesn’t need to be explained that many of these activities are generally conducted in private. Bathing, for example, is a daily task where privacy is expected. So, for seniors who value their privacy, it’s integral that the bathrooms they use are considerably safe environments.

What modifications can make the bathing experience safer for your elderly loved ones?

Grab BarsGrab-bar - santa cruz ca

Grab bars are popular additions to bathrooms in home where seniors with mobility issues live. As their name suggests, grab bars are designed so that they can easily be grabbed by users of the bathroom. Of course, this adds some stability and balance to the user, helping to significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls.

According to Rachel Hartman on, a February 2105 report by Software Advice found that installing grab bars, handrails or both was the most common home safety modification made by seniors.

“Grab bars help with stability, and can prevent slips and falls,” agrees Karen Frazier on, “Likewise, a grab bar installed near the entrance to a tub or shower will give the senior something to hold onto when stepping over the edge of the tub. Install grab bars at arm height, as well as one at about waist height. You can also install a grab bar next to the toilet so seniors can pull themselves up and safely lower themselves.”

Shower ChairsWhat are the most important features of a shower wheelchair - santa cruz ca

Shower chairs also make great additions to bathtubs as they allow seniors to sit comfortably while taking showers. The sitting position, of course, is much safer than standing in the shower. It naturally diminishes the chances of slipping and falling while showering.

“Shower seats give seniors a place to safely sit during a shower,” points out Frazier, “These improve safety by allowing them to sit if they feel dizzy or tired. Choose a sturdy seat that affixes firmly to the floor of the tub or shower.”

Portable ShowersSolution provides the safest bathing experience for stroke victims - shower bay - santa cruz ca

What if your elderly loved one requires the use of a wheelchair? Caregivers of such individuals know that there is always the risk of injury (to both the caregiver and the senior) when making the transfer from the wheelchair to the tub. At Forward Day we’re so very proud that we offer the ultimate solution to this problem!

Our Shower Bay portable showers eliminate the need to make any expensive modifications to your bathroom. It can be snapped together in any room of the home where there is a faucet nearby. It enables wheelchair users to safely and independently roll in and out of the shower. While inside, they can enjoy full showers with running water. And, of course, they can be assured that no slipping and falling will be taking place as they sit comfortably in their shower wheelchairs.

If you have any questions about our Shower Bay portable showers, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 1-877-223-8999 or email us at

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