How Much Does It Cost To Install A Roll In Shower?

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How much cost install roll in shower

Do you or someone in your family have a mobility issue? Are you or a loved one making use of a mobility device such as a wheelchair, walker, or scooter? If so, you’re likely no stranger to having your daily routines become challenging tasks. Whether it is due to illness or injury, a mobility issue can make the activities that most of us take for granted difficult to undertake.

Showering is one of those activities. For individuals with mobility issues, stepping into a bathtub isn’t exactly an easy feat. The lifting of the leg to get into the tub can often be enough to cause a loss of balance resulting in a dangerous fall. To avoid such an incident, many people opt for roll-in showers. Roll-in showers are designed so that their users can roll into the shower using their shower wheelchairs.

Cost installing roll-in shower

As you can imagine, it can be a pricey decision. Installing a roll-in shower requires remodeling your bathroom. Of course, that involves removing your traditional bathtub. However, the cost all depends on the type of roll-in shower you install and the nature of your bathroom. Traditionally, remodeling a bathroom that includes the installation of a roll in the shower can cost north of $10,000.

Naturally, the size of your roll-in shower should be able to accommodate the shower wheelchair used by the shower taker. There should be enough room in the shower for the shower wheelchair to move around. The majority of roll-in showers are created with beveled thresholds that are half an inch high. This allows for shower wheelchairs to easily roll over into the shower.

What Are Roll In Showers Made Of?

Generally, a roll-in shower is constructed with either fiberglass with a polyester gel coat or acrylic that covers both the walls and bathtub. Polyester gel coats are sprayed onto a mold and then cured. This creates a uniquely uniform and consistent thickness throughout the roll-in shower.

If acrylic sheets are used, they are heated and then vacuum-formed to a mold. The material gets thinner in spots where the acrylic is stretched out. It’s possible the mold may lose its shape due to the heat. As well, roll-in showers are often made with full plywood backings. As a result, no drywall is necessary behind the shower. This allows for the installation of necessary shelving in convenient locations for shower users as opposed to where the wall studs are located. Necessities like body wash, shampoo, and soap are much easier to reach as a result.

What Features Are Included in Roll-in Showers?

There are several features that can be made available to you if you decide to install a roll-in shower. Of course, the more features you wish to have included, the more costly the installation will be. For the most part, users of roll-in showers prefer to have as many features as possible. This helps for the showering experience to be easier and more enjoyable.

Shower Heads

Shower head roll-in shower

It should probably go without saying that shower heads are necessities in any type of shower. They are typically mounted on vertical bars that are height adjustable. That way, they conveniently accommodate wheelchair users who prefer for their water to be expelled at lower heights. The height-adjustable vertical bars also make it easier for other users of the shower to comfortably take showers with the shower head at a higher height. Many shower heads in roll-in showers are also of the handheld variety.

Grab Bars

Roll in shower grab bar

One of the main and most important features of a roll-in shower is the grab bar. Grab bars are well known for providing bathroom users with balance assistance. Strong and sturdy, grab bars help to give people additional leverage to prevent slips and falls. In a roll-in shower, grab bars are often installed horizontally and on every wall. However, if requested, they can also be installed vertically or at an angle.

Shower Seats

Roll-in shower seats

Of course, it isn’t a must that roll-in showers are used exclusively by individuals sitting in shower wheelchairs. A shower seat or bench can be attached to the wall of the shower if needed. They can fold either up or down when not in use. As well, if a free-standing shower seat is preferred, it can be removed and placed back into the shower at the user’s convenience.


As mentioned, roll-in showers require thresholds. Most often they are beveled thresholds that are 0.5” high. This helps to keep water in the shower instead of spilling out onto the bathroom floor. However, some roll-in showers use thresholds that are approximately a quarter of an inch in height. These do not need to be beveled.

How Should a Roll-in Shower Be Cleaned?

It is recommended that abrasive cleaners and scrubbing materials be avoided when cleaning a roll-in shower. They are known to scratch or dull the surfaces typically used in roll-in shower construction. Instead, you should opt for standard liquid cleaners to clean the shower. Keep in mind that there are a variety of roll-in showers on the market. It’s wise to consult an owner’s manual to get an understanding of the materials used in your roll-in shower. The manual should contain information about how to clean your specific model.

What Problems Might Be Presented by Installing a Roll-in Shower?

Water spillage. As we noted earlier, thresholds are needed to keep water running from the shower out onto the bathroom floor. However, as you may have guessed, they aren’t as effective as the side of a bathtub which always keeps water safely inside the shower area. While roll-in showers obviously have drains, water can sometimes escape the shower and find its way throughout your bathroom. Attention to this is necessary in order to prevent slips and falls.

Chilly showers. Water isn’t the only thing that can escape the area of a roll-in shower. Because of the lack of shower doors, heat can also find its way out. In order for roll-in shower users to avoid getting chilly, they can install heated flooring. While this can help with the temperature issue, it also makes the installation of a roll-in shower a lot more expensive.

Lack of privacy. As we just pointed out, one of the main differences between a roll-in shower and a traditional shower is the absence of a shower door. Shower doors are not part of the construction as they would only obstruct a shower wheelchair user from comfortably getting in and out of the shower. As a result, users of roll-in showers often express concerns about a lack of privacy. The openness of the roll-in shower can make one feel somewhat exposed. A shower curtain, however, can be used if a shower curtain rod is installed.

Improper design. It’s imperative that your roll-in shower is designed to meet the specific needs of its user. In some cases, roll-in showers has their faucets installed too far from their shower benches. As a result, users cannot adjust the water pressure or temperatures without having to get up from their seated positions. Of course, this presents a risk of slipping and falling. Alternatively, it would require a caregiver to manage the controls, thus creating an even greater lack of privacy.

What Is the Best Alternative to a Roll-in Shower?

Handicap showers santa cruz ca

Portable shower designed for wheelchair users

At Forward Day, we’re elated to be able to offer the Shower Bay portable shower. Designed with wheelchair users in mind, Shower Bay can be quickly assembled in any room of the home where there is a faucet nearby. Simply snap the unit together, connect it to a standard faucet and turn on the pump. These uniquely designed portable showers make it so that no remodeling of your bathroom is necessary.

Needless to say, this saves people a ton of money. The Shower Bay portable shower is a cost-effective solution for people with mobility issues. This is especially true when the costs are compared to those of installing a roll-in shower. We’re proud of the fact that Shower Bay provides a true shower experience without dangerous wet environment transfers or expensive home renovations. It enables users to enjoy relaxing showers without even having to enter their bathrooms.

Shower wheel chair - santa cruz ca

Shower wheelchair allows a user to safely roll into a shower

The way we see it, a daily shower should be enjoyed, not dreaded. The warm, gentle massage of water running through our hair and down our back is one of the best parts of our day. Most of us take this rejuvenating sensation for granted. However, many people with mobility limitations miss their shower times because it’s too dangerous and time-consuming for a family member or caregiver to assist them.

If you have any questions about our Shower Bay portable showers, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 1-877-593-4461 or email us at You may also send us a message by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.

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