What Are The Best Holiday Gifts To Give To Seniors?

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Best holiday gifts for seniors

Can you believe that time of year is so near? Here we are, embarking on yet another holiday season! Even though it should come as no surprise, considering that it is an annual event, the holiday season seems to have crept up on us pretty quickly, hasn’t it?

Well, we’re not complaining. Who doesn’t love the holidays? For many people, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – just like the song says. Of course, the holiday season is one when gift-giving is the norm. And if you’re thinking about what gifts to give the elderly loved one in your life, this is definitely the blog for you!

Think Fitness First

With health always being of primary importance, keep in mind that exercise is never considered a bad thing. And yes, that goes for seniors too. Consider getting your elderly loved one some fitness equipment such as light weights or perhaps some fitness gear such as running shoes, tracksuits and water bottles. Inspiring an active lifestyle is a great way to promote the optimum health of the senior in your life. That’s a gift in itself.

“Among the lifestyle behaviors that have only negative effects, being sedentary is near the top of the list,” writes Julie Davis on ParentGiving.com, “Exercise maintains muscle, and muscle enables the body to maintain a level of fitness that helps you resist illness, stay independent and prevent falls. While there are octogenarian marathoners, it’s not necessary to do extreme sports or work out until you ache. Exercise can and should be fun and tailored to each individual’s level.”

Give the Brain Some Exercise as Well

Make elderly loved ones happy
We recently had a conversation with a colleague about his grandmother. He explained that, other than watching game shows on television, one of her favorite activities is to complete word searches. Our colleague enjoys buying books containing word searches for his grandmother as he notices it helps to keep her mind sharp. “She can be forgetful at times,” he admits, “But those books get her brain working and they make her very happy.” Consider crossword puzzles, books and board games for your elderly loved one this holiday season.

“Ongoing studies are researching exactly how to keep the brain sharp and delay or even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia,” says Davis, “Exercising the mind can be as high-tech as video games and brain training programs and as low-tech as playing Scrabble and doing crossword puzzles every day. Many of these activities have benefits that range from improving memory to visual acuity; they’re also just plain fun and keep people engaged.”

Offer the Gift of Independence

From experience, the Forward Day team is well aware that most seniors would love nothing more than to regain their independence. This is especially true when it comes to the process of bathing. Naturally, bathing is generally a private act. But privacy is impossible when the help of a caregiver is required.

With our Shower Bay portable showers, a senior can roll his/her wheelchair into the shower, close the door and enjoy a shower with running water in a private setting. Shower Bay may just make the perfect gift for your elderly loved one this holiday season! If you have any questions about our Shower Bay portable showers, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 1-877-593-4461 or email us at info@showerbay.com.

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