The Advantages Of Shower Bay Over A Walk-In Tub

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Many seniors have fears about bathing. Because so many elderly individuals often battle with diminished strength and balance, they often fear to slip and falling while in the bathtub. As a result, a lot of senior citizens refuse to bathe. Naturally, this isn’t a healthful practice. Quite obviously, it’s important to maintain personal hygiene. However, safety must always be placed first when it comes to bathing seniors.

This is why many experts recommend walk-in tubs. They come with doors that open and shut, enabling users to enter and sit down before any water enters the tub. This helps to significantly minimize the risk of slipping and falling. However, walk-in tubs do present another major inconvenience to their users. They tend to make people cold.

Walk-In Tubs Can Make You Chilly.

“Besides becoming impatient (and maybe chilly) while the tub fills, you could have difficulty getting the right water temperature,” Amy Stanbrough explains of walk-in tubs on, “Waiting for the bath to drain before you exit is another factor to consider. Although many of the walk-in bathtub manufacturers have addressed these problems with fast-filling faucets, fast-moving drains, and temperature controls, these features also add to the total cost of the project.”

Stanbrough goes on to explain that because walk-in tubs are large, some people require new and powerful water heaters to allow them to use the tubs properly. The other issue with a walk-in tub, for many elderly individuals, is found in the name of the tub itself. It requires a user to walk into it. Naturally, for those who have mobility issues and require the assistance of walking aids, a walk-in tub isn’t considered a convenient option.

You Can’t Exit a Walk-In Tub Until All the Water Drains.

“Walk in tubs are also not flush to the bathroom floor so while they only present a small step, there still is a need to step over a small threshold in order to enter the tub,” elaborates Homesmart President, Susan Luxenberg, “The big negative to a walk in tub is that you can’t get out of the tub until all the water drains out. So if this is the option you choose, I’d suggest also installing a heat lamp above the tub to take the chill off while waiting for the tub to drain.”

Walkers, rollators, and wheelchairs are mobility solutions designed to help people who have difficulties with their balance and/or walking in general. At Forward Day, we have these individuals at the forefronts of our minds when considering how helpful our Shower Bay portable showers can be. They allow shower wheelchair users to roll their wheelchairs in and out of the showers so they can enjoy bathing experiences with full running water.

Shower Bay Eliminates the Problems Associated with Walk-In Tubs.

Because Shower Bay enables users to shower, as opposed to taking a bath, it eliminates the often-long wait for a tub to fill up and drain. As a result, users don’t have to worry about sitting and shivering in the cold while the warm water rises and lowers. In addition, because Shower Bay users are seated in their shower wheelchairs, the risk of slipping and falling in the shower disappears.

If you have any questions about our Shower Bay portable showers, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 1-877-223-8999 or email us at

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