3 Major Benefits Of Going With Shower Bay

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3 major benefits of going with shower bay

At Forward Day, we’re extremely proud of the fact that our unique Shower Bay portable showers provide wheelchairs users with both thorough showers with running water and newly-found boosts in their confidence. Independence is highly cherished by those who have mobility issues. And because Shower Bay can be snapped together in any room of the home, it eliminates the need for wheelchair users to get assistance from caregivers to get into their tubs.

The Shower Bay door opens to allow a shower wheelchair user to easily enter and close the door behind him/her. After enjoying a full-fledged bathing experience, he/she can then easily exit. Our portable showers provide numerous benefits, but we believe that there are three main ones that our clients cherish the most. Shower Bay eliminates the need for expensive bathroom renovations, allows people to do away with the sponge baths and helps keep loved ones at home.

1. No remodeling necessary.

By opting for a Shower Bay portable shower, home owners can avoid having to spend thousands of dollars on renovating their bathrooms. For those who live with wheelchair users, contractors often recommend widening doorways and installing walk-in tubs. Naturally, these changes are extremely expensive. As Rob Robillard reports on ExtremeToHow.com, there are often hidden costs.

“Many people have no clue about the hidden costs of remodeling, and a lot of contractors do not advise their clients of them either,” he writes, “Hidden conditions are things like finding and then needing to repair termite damage, improper wiring, outdated plumbing, abating asbestos, or repairing floor joist damage. Any or all of these can stop a remodel process midway and add time and money to the project.”

2. No more sponge baths.

Sponge baths do not provide full and complete bathing experiences. The absence of running water makes it impossible to thoroughly soap and rinse the skin. In addition, receivers of sponge baths usually complain about the intrusiveness and utter lack of privacy that the baths entail. In addition, because a person receiving a sponge bath isn’t immersed in water, he/she often gets very cold.

On AgingCare.com, a forum contributor named Pamela discusses the issues she has with bathing her 90 year-old mother. “The entire time she complains of being cold,” she reveals, “(God knows the heat is on 90), but we continue on.”

3. Keeping your loved ones living at home.

Who wouldn’t prefer to live at home instead of an assisted living facility? The vast majority of elderly people would be much happier living amongst their loved ones. With Shower Bay, seniors who use wheelchairs no longer have to worry about receiving assistance from professional caregivers in the shower. As mentioned, the portable shower strongly supports the return of independence for wheelchair users.

“Home is where your aging loved one feels most comfortable and happy,” reads AssistedServices.com, “They’re in familiar surroundings, in a home they’ve probably spent years and years in, surrounded by family and friends. They’re in a community where they know their neighbors, shopkeepers, grocery stores. In their home they’re surrounded by objects, furniture, mementos that have a history, they’re attached emotionally. Home is where their heart is.”

Start enjoying the benefits of going with Shower Bay today! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 1-877-223-8999 or email us at info@showerbay.com.

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